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24 year-old male from new zealand
im a pretty cool guy (H)! i like stuff :D
feel free to add me i wont bite (hard ;) (lame i know)).. popularity is my aspiration!
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OMFG! (im as giddy as a school girl :D)i have exams (finals) like NEXT WEEK but this week its all E3 shit so obviously the only studying ive been doing is studying the new games coming out.

top games im looking forward to are definately (and obviously):

-modern warfare 3
-star wars: the old republic www.swtor.com/media/trailers/return check that shit out!!
- halo 4

and most importantly... at first i was building up hype for ME3 and i still am but seriously..... this game here will rule them all


i know its a short trailer but LOOK AT THOSE SEXY AS GRAPHICS !

i feel sorry for the console players that you wont be able to see this game at its full potential but i expect it to still be awesome as boss!

this also has lead me back to my journal the other week whether to get black ops or BFBC2... my mind has been made up i shall start preparing for BF3 :D!!
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