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26 year-old male from Cary, NC
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Name Mike
Occupation Screwing Things Up and Blaming Others
Birthday October 20th, 1988
Interests TV Sports( Former All Star Pitcher/CF 3 Years in a Row 2000-2003) Video Games Food Sleep Laziness Having Fun Biking Exercising. You Name It I Probably do it.
Music Linkin Park Naruto Techno Taking Back Sunday Yellowcard Lostprophets Smash Mouth Hoobastank Brand New A Static Lullaby Five Iron Frenzy Pillar Killswitch Engage Thursday Armor for Sleep Social Distortion Bad Religion Stratovarius Rage Against The Machine Led Zeppelin The Who Yes Metallica Rammstein Interpol The Decemberists Tom Waits We Are Scientists They Might Be Giants
Movies Braveheart Master and Commander LOTR The Matrix Extreme Ops Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Dogma Head of State Hero Oceans Eleven Slackers Ferris Buellers Day Off Office Space Orgazmo The Hunt for the Red October Milo and Otis Constantine Death to Smoochy Animal House iRobot Forrest Gump Shaun of the Dead Kung Fu Hustle Saving Private Ryan Black Hawk Down Little Miss Sunshine Kingdom of Heaven Clerks Clerks 2 Snakes On a Plane.
TV Shows Naruto Trigun Trailer Park Boys Family Guy Futurama Aqua Teen Hunger Force Sealab 2021 Cowboy Bebop The Simpsons. Home Movies Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law Garfield and Friends Fullmetal Alchemist Band of Brothers Joey Super Milk-Chan Hajime No Ippo Excel Saga Samurai Champloo Drawn Together South Park The Daily Show Mind of Mencia The Graham Norton Effect Scrubs Friday Night Stand Up Mad TV Squidbillies.
Books The Red Badge of Courage War of the Worlds 20 000 leagues under the Sea Forrest Gump Star Wars ep.1-6 Darth Maul Shadow Hunter Lord of the Rings trilogy The Hobbit I Robot Red Rabbit A Scanner Darkly Dune A Catcher In The Rye. And Most any Science Fiction Book I can get my hands on.