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29 year-old female from Houston, TX
Photo Archivist and Information Professional.

I ensure the long-term preservation of institutional photographic materials, physical and digital, while also providing access to those materials in both the physical and digital world. I know how to arrange and manage large bunches of physical and digital records for both long-term preservation and continued access. I understand how to use classification schemes and create tools for knowledge management.

Also, I can find almost anything with Google.

Lifelong geek. Blood Gulch Chronicles veteran. Would-be gamer.

For the Horde and the Nation of G.
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Bad karma?Hopefully there will be no updates to follow this post but things are shaping up to be a pretty crappy day.

1) Woke up late and had to rush to work, adrenalin pumping like crazy. Then it turned out that the boss wont be in till late.

2) Got to recount to my sympathetic coworkers the chat my boss and I had yesterday where she was so concerned that I wasnt happy since I was almost being challenging or seeming to be put out whenever she asked me to do a research request. I need to get used to doing research requests even though I was only hired to do cataloging. Ive only been doing research requests for 10 months now.

Oh, and I need to speak up when I see an issue with our (multiple and redundant) tracking systems. Even if the issues are obvious the status quo and have been like that since I got here. And theres no way theyll actually change since the department head is the one so attached to them and wont let us change them.

3) Discovered a big hole in the sleeve of my favorite (heaviest) sweater. Have enlisted the maternal units assistance in locating replacements.

4) Took 3 tries and 1 paper jam to print out a report for a volunteer project. The issued turned out to be random blank pages in the report. Ended up having to babysit the print job and pull out every other (blank) page while it printed over 30 pages.

Its 10:30 in the morning. Please, please dont let the day continue like this.
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