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30 year-old male from Cleveland, OH
I started watching RvB in college and was hooked ever since. Between the series and the RT shorts, my week goes by a little smoother.
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The brain cameraThe other day I received a subpoena for one of my calls. Which means I have to go sit in a waiting room at one of the many courtrooms and wait for the prosecutor to come out and tell me if I am needed or not. Usually, this means sitting around for a few hours and them being told that I was not needed after all. While I do get paid for this, it's kind of a pain in the ass.

If I am needed the extent of my interaction with the court goes something like this:
"Were you on this scene?"
"Do you remember this call?"
"No, but I stand by my report."
"Thank you for your time, you can go."

I know. Just as thrilling as Law and Order. Wooo,

This time, I sat around and was not needed because the case was rescheduled due to a continuance. They let me know this 2 hours later.

While I was sitting there, I saw an older black man sit on a bench opposite to me. He was dressed in a dark green suit with a white dress shirt and dark green tie. He wore a lavender dress hat and had a neatly folded lavender handkerchief in the breast pocket. Completing the outfit was a pair of alligator skin boots.

I tried several times to think of a way to discretely take a picture of this man. But I was surrounded on my side by other people and it was not going to happen. Then, I had a Gavin moment. I sincerely wished I could take a picture with my eyes and then upload it to a computer for all the world to see.

Gavin's thought "experiments" are contagious. Run.
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