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20 year-old male from London UK
I'm college-boy Andy from England studying Chemical Engineering. I'm a film-lover, musician and I play an awful lot of Halo, Borderlands, Skyrim and Valve games, as well of course many others. I've been an RT fan for a while and I love the community, particularly taking part in the LFTO Shizno podcast here. I'm real friendly and I sure hope one day I can attend an RTX event. (Rest of my AboutMe is in a Journal if you wanna know more, I write way too much)
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redarmo25 Space Panda
Was exploring Melbourne city and had a cup o' tea at this little cafe. They'd better deliver on cookies when they promise to give people cookies.
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Name Andy
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Birthday May 29th, 1993
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Books I should read more... tragic literature is what I perceive as good but I don�39;t like being depressed though I will say i thought Of Mice and Men was awesome
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