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22 year-old male from London UK
I'm college-boy Andy from England studying Chemical Engineering. I'm a film-lover, musician and I play an awful lot of Halo, Borderlands, Skyrim and Valve games, as well of course many others. I've been an RT fan for a while and I love the community, particularly taking part in the LFTO Shizno podcast here. I'm real friendly and I sure hope one day I can attend an RTX event. (Rest of my AboutMe is in a Journal if you wanna know more, I write way too much)
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redarmo25 Space Panda
So some good news about the Xbox One and the various policies:

- The required internet authentication every 24 hours can be done through mobile devices.

- Regarding the family sharing with 10 selected members, a single copy of the game in the sharing library can only be played by one of the 10 people at once (since this prevents all 10 people playing online multiplayer with one another having bought just one copy), HOWEVER this also means that the entire family only needs to purchase any future DLC once to be shared with everyone. I recall Burnie complaining about this issue on the podcast referring to the Xbox360, and now this has been solved since DLC can be purchased for an entire family library rather than a single profile account, preventing unnecessary repurchasing.

- For a single Xbox, only one person needs to purchase an XboxLive Gold Account to allow the Xbox to play online multiplayer. Once one person buys gold for the xbox, then all future accounts on the xbox are xbox live enabled. This massively improves couch-gaming as now friends/siblings/girlfriends/boyfriends can play splitscreen multiplayer online and save stats, rather than having to play as a temporary guest.
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