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23 year-old male from Yo Mama!
I was born and raized on these fantastic pasific islends of Hawaii. I first played a video game when I was 4 years old, it was a old Genisis SEGA systom I got at a garage sale (That thing totoly screwed my life up).I never had any freands cus I was in the house makeing a damned litle hdgehog spin around in the TV. The problem became worse when I got a PS2 (that was new in those days). I was gaining weght and becomeing less active in sports. My dad finaly got me into Football to win the natinol title and make history as the first hawiian team to make it that far. Now, Im loosing weght and picking up chicks! I still have a PS2 thogh.
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Im BackAnd what are you gona do about that? Bitch about my spelling? Hey Griffisum, your a doosh! I can say it in any language! Even slow motion... YOURRRRR AAAAAAAHHHHHH DOOOOOOOOOOOOSHHHHH! Now its time to see all the internet space youve bin wasteing.
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Name Kainoa
Occupation Cartoonist
Birthday July 7th, 1991
Interests video games makeing movies your mom chicks etc.
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Music Stuff from Rock Band the game clasical piano.
Movies Indiana Jones series Transformers action crap and stuff like that.
TV Shows Anime shows reality shows like Sciencfeld C.S.I.
Books The Outsiders Artamis Foul series Manga TWILIGHT FTW!