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Back from OzHey everyone. Been a while again, huh? >_>

Sorry about that. Been quite busy, especially during these last 2 weeks.

Been as such, because if you've read the title to this journal, it's because I just got back from Australia, no less than a day ago.

Reason for going to Oz, if you may be curious?

Yes, you could say it was sort of a vacation to escape this lame, boring life that exist around my town, but above all else, it was for a promise.
A promise to a certain someone, that if she ever wished for me to visit, if she ever felt troubled in any way, that I'd be there ASAP to help in anyway I could assit.

And sure enough, that time came last week. ^_^

So yeah, just letting anyone know what I've been up to while I've been M.I.A.
I'm probably gonna post what pictures I have in another journal in the coming day or so, so don't worry if you're curious as to what I got into, while I was on my trip.

More to come.

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