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22 year-old female from Elizabeth City, NC
well to start off im a weirdo whos after your body.....:D
but nah im just a nerd who watches way to much anime and who'd rather play a virtual farming game *cough*harvestmoon*cough* then actually go and work there,im the kinda person wh loves to draw but ask me to draw and you'll most likely come out looking like part of an anime or possibly a stick figure :D anything else you would like to know just send me a message or something~
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welli manged to meet a real life dakota fanning, you know those little kids that are like 7 that know more than they should like youd even expect them to somehow know launch codes to nukes and not but not only was she creepy smart she was like a little jet lee 5 belts in tai jetsu and everything.......but i had the task of explaining what a sugar daddy was while she sang porn star dancing for half an hour
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Name shelby
Occupation professional bum/hustler
Birthday February 12th, 1992
Interests anime games movies people james sokolove rasputin your mom :D
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Music way to many to list really but i listen to mainly everything but rap and country...