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20 year-old male from Cambridge, England.
All information displayed is correct as of my birth.
I like things, I'm sure you like things too. Now let's have a little dance-off to compare skills.

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The Big Debate.So @LoZelda, @DiMono and some others had a discussion with the community about the ongoing harassment and bullying issues. Before we go any further here, if you haven't already done so, please watch the stream on LoZelda's Twitch channel which I'm conveniently linking to you right now.. Magic..

The main point I would like people to focus on is the difference between harassment or bullying and a difference of opinion. Just because someone has a negative opinion of you, or your work for that matter, it does not mean they are bullying or harassing you. You Americans have this thing you like to call freedom of speech. Well, we're all allowed to practise that right. No one should be afraid to voice their opinions or issues with one another, we would never get anywhere if that were the case. For a lot of people there is only a thin line between the two, no one person is the same as another. So please, just think about it very carefully when someone is saying something negative towards you. Is it an ongoing harassment, or is someone just openly voicing their opinions which they have every right to do? But on the other side of the fence, if you feel negatively towards someone is it worth saying anything it all? That's for you to decide.
In the end you, and only you can make those choices. Only you can know what you personally feel is harassment, and what is a negative opinion.

I just thought I'd give everyone some food for thought.

If someone is giving you persistent and constant abuse that you do not deem to be criticism or simply a negative opinion, absolutely do report it to a mod or member of the admin team. That is what they are there for, and they will help you in confidence and privately.

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