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20 year-old male from Cambridge, England.
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I like things, I'm sure you like things too. Now let's have a little dance-off to compare skills.

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I Almost Dropped My Crossant.LIFE UPDATE!! WHOAWOWOO(ZOOM)!!!!

Still in Edinburgh with the bumblebee @broadbean right now, but we're heading down my way for my birthday! And to be precise we're actually travelling on my birthday. Boy am I excited about the prospect of leaving at 6:55am and sitting down in a metal tube of germs and ignorance for 4 hours. Special birthday treat.

Anyway. After that I'll be thinking about the logistics of hauling my arse up to this country on a more permanent basis. We've been looking at flats etc, either here or Glasgow, and fortunately for us Becca's dad has been a massive help in that department. But before then I need a job up here. I was thinking rent boy but madam wouldn't let me, so now I'm thinking about being @eoinh's love slave. (Can you get back to me on that mate? My rates are pretty high). But we shall see what the crow brings I guess.

In the meantime I'm going to be playing my SNES because for some stupid SMART AS FUCK reason I decided to buy one recently, and in doing so got addicted to collecting games. Childhood is back and I don't need to grow up again!

That's me away then, bye losers!
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