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Magical World RPSo I have an idea for an RP. Let me know if any of you are into the idea of it.

Background: A long time ago, there was a war between humanity and the demons of hell. Of course, humanity were weaker than demons. It was only thanks to the will of humanity that saved them. Humanity wished with all their hearts to be saved and to have the power to protect themselves. This was the birth of the magical girls. Given power by their innocence, they were able to fight back the tides of hell. Combined with the military power and the magic of those innocent, the forces of humanity were able to drive back the demons and the nine kings of hell and their leader were sealed in hell by the power of the magical girls. The leader of the magical girls was given the key of the seal to keep safe in her bloodline. She had the strongest will and the only way that she would ever be able to lose key would be to lose the will to hold the key. With that, her bloodline kept the key safe and prevented the strongest demons from escaping.

As the power of demons waned on earth, so did the view on magic girls. While they were the very kind and kept their innocence, humanity turned greedy. They fell back into their old ways of evil. They desired the magic and power that the girls or demons possessed. They slowly started hunting the girls for experimentation. As they corrupted those they captured, this created the fallen magical girls. Their power became the corrupt version of their original one and, depending on how they were corrupted, there was a chance of them either becoming insane or their magic killing their souls in order to escape.

With humanity and the magic girls no longer allied, demons became bolder. The weaker ones started coming onto earth. The ones that served the kings of nine circles learned that they could harvest the magic of magical girls and if they got enough, they could get a wish off of the magic's innocence. They began to work, using artifacts that were capable of holding the magic in order to harvest it.

Gaia, the will of Earth, found that this was no good. The evil humans and the demons would destroy her. Her only defense were the magical girls that were hunted and several were being forced into hiding. She searched for a way to protect herself and found that not all humans were evil. She found a young man who was watching helplessly as a magic girl who was the girl he loved was defending him and losing. He was wishing for a way to protect the girl he loved. Gaia granted his wish and gave him a weapon imbued with power. Using the power, he was able to help defeat their enemies and he, along with gaia and his love, created the Knights of Gaia who had the sole purpose of defending the magical girls and making sure that none of the high level demons would never be able to walk the earth again.


Magical Girls: They gain their power from their innocence. They have the ability to fly, transform into their magical/base forms, and their magic usually comes in the form of a theme.

Fallen Magical Girl: They were corrupted by either overindulgence of sin, demonic energy, or the actions of another being doing something less pleasant to them.

Knights of Gaia: A faction of humans who were granted a weapon or armor that contains power granted by the will of the earth herself. They are usually more numerous that magical girls and are capable of going toe to toe with any modern military unit, despite their usual lack of modern weaponry. Their most powerful warriors are are known as the round table.

Brotherhood of Evil: A combination of fallen magical girls and demons from hell who has the similar goal of harvesting enough magic from the magical girls to gain a wish.

Rogue: This is all the rogue demons and fallen magical girls. They are hunted by every faction(though the Brotherhood tolerates the presence of rogue demons, they will still not hesitate to kill them). Only the strong can survive the constant hunting and even then they don't usually last too long.

The Government: The setting is on the island nation of Nippon. While the government won't initially be playable, they will be later on. Currently, the government soldiers consist of regular humans. The higher ups are always looking for ways to take and experiment on magic girls.

So what do you all think? Any questions? How many of you are interested in joining? If this gets enough support, I will make the RP. Remember, invite your friends and don't hesitate to ask or make suggestions.
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