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24 year-old male from In rapture...before the choas(of course)
Currently Playing: Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2
Currently Doing: Wondering why the hell im still awake...
Currently Watching: Tremors 1-3
Currently Reading: 5 Greatest Warriors
Currently Creating: Machinima...
Currently Anticipating: Lost Planet 2
Currently Thinking: mmmmmm pizza...

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Name Cody
Occupation The Reputation Officier of War Alliance
Interests video games red vs blue marine biology and anything that has to do with sharks.
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Music i dont have a certain type of favorite music but i do have a ton of music that i listen to.
Movies V for Vendetta Transformers Jaws Deep Blue Sea Hammerhead Shark Attack 1 2 3 megalodon Jaws Revenge Dragon wars cloverfield The Mist (hated the ending)
TV Shows Scrubs Mind of Mencia Home Improvement America's Funniest Home Video Whose line is It anyway Red vs Blue(it counts) mythbusters How its made Dirty Jobs Recreation Nation Viva la Bam Rob and Big Fantasy Factory Nitro Circus Pitchman
Books Lock Ness Megalodon The Trench and Meg: Primal Waters Halo: Fall of reach Halo: The flood Halo: first strike Halo: Ghost of Oynx Halo: Contact Harvest Halo: The Cole Protocol Halo Graphic Novel ENDWAR Goliath Ice Station Area 7 Scarecrow Hell Island Contest 7 Deadly Wonders 6 Sacred Stones 5 Greatest Warriors