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I'm at the TOP of the leaderboards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So I played the multiplayer for Assassin's Creed: Revalations tonight with my bro. The ONLY two game modes I play are Wanted and Manhunt. I join this game in Manhunt, and there was no one under the level 40 (except me because I'm lvl. 14). There were even people thathad prestige at least 10 time, and one guy who prestiged 20 TIMES. It must have been horrible (or good because I got dominated) but it hystarical for my brother and me. Eventually, I was somewhat holding my own though.

The last game I played I was on a decent team, playing Manhunt with the same group, but the other team had the highest prestiged people. I didn't realize it but I played half of the game hiding by myself against the highest prestiged guys. I mean I would expect someone like me to drop out before them!!! So, I drop out of the group because I became tired. I then received this voice letter:

Stranger: "Hey man great game and all, but here's a suggestion, *beak your disc and burn it!!!!!!"
*In a screaming tone*

I responded sarcastically in a text message: "Thank you very much for the suggestion.............. I'll consider it."

Yeah this isn't the first time though I was told this when I started playing Halo for the first time, but I'm so much better at Halo though.
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