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21 year-old male from La Crosse, WI
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When you send me a message over xbox live that says "Not a Skam" I kinda want to punch you in the mouth.
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Name Matt
Birthday July 11th, 1993
Interests Skiing Video Games Guitar The Military Film Reading Shootin' Stuff
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Music Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin Iron Maiden Slayer Metallica Atheist Dead Kennedys Napalm Death Diamond Head Judas Priest Red Hot Chili Peppers Rage Against the Machine Saxon Sodom Ethiopian Food Fight Most any Metal and Classic Rock Ice Cube N.W.A. Nas Eazy E Some Gangsta Rap
Movies Hard Boiled Restrepo The Killer Apocalypse Now Lord of the Rings Trilogy Jurassic Park Scarface Terminator Series Silence of the Lambs This is Spinal Tap The Big Lebowski The Wall The Shining 2001: A Space Odyssey Alien Series (except Resurrection) Army of Darkness Fargo Inception John Carpenters: The Thing The Man With No Name Trilogy Gran Torino The Matrix
TV Shows The Walking Dead (even though there aren't any likable characters) Futurama David Letterman's show when it's convenient South Park Star Trek House 80's and 90's Era SNL Aqua Teen Hunger Force Metalocalypse
Books Lord of the Rings The Hobbit When Giants Walked the Earth (Led Zeppelin Biography) Anything by H.P. Lovecraft The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy World War Z Rainbow Six I Am Better than Your Kids