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Today I read the Happy Birthday Ray written by Michael about 2 years ago I was thinking about friends that I've known for years that I'm still friends with and friends that I'll make in the future I realized that I wrote an essay about friends before Christmas break so I'm decided to share to with you. I'm not the best essay writer and it might get redundant while you read it but please think with open-minds and remember that you have friends to. thanks P.S. with you see me at RTX ask me about my essay and I'll talk about why I wrote it.

Friends are an amazing thing to how because they’re there for you no matter what and will help you with issues like relationships, problems with life, and they’re there to comfort you in time of need. You as a friend can do the same to help your friends with issues that they might have.
Friends are people that you develop a relationship with when you get to know them. Friends are people who like the same things you like and you can talk to and disagree with. These developments with friends become closer and closer as you get to know them better throughout the years some friendships can end and some are forever. People you meet at school, the neighborhood, actives, clubs, sports, etc. but the trust between friends should never be broken whether it be secrets, issues at home, problem with other friends or people that you feel that they do not trust you as much and feel that the friendship is starting to fade away.
Friends that you know for a long time become best that you love like a brother or a sister you fight and complain about things you do, but you know that they will always be your friend because they think of you as a brother or sister and will always be by your side when you need them and vice versa. Friends that talk behind your back or accuse you of something that someone told them about you saying something negative about them are not good friends and the trust is not there or there is little presence of it which does not make a good relationship between you and that person.
Friends are there to be friends not to use you and step on you they treat you like a family member. Friends you make will become best friends and will support you no matter what happens and will stay your friends all ways and forever. Friendship is a wonderful thing to have and the moments and memories that are shared with friends are the best times to remember them by. Here's some lyrics from the Rise Against song Swing Life Away: I've got some friends, some that I hardly know
But we've had some times, I wouldn't trade for the world
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