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Male from Texas
Hey everyone!

I'm Nick. I'm a gamer and a student who loves all things Rooster Teeth!

Send me a friend request! I accept all RFR's!

Watch me! I'll always return the favor if you tell me in a PM or in my comments!

Good Luck and Have Fun,


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I made things!I was listening to "I Burn" by @Williams (Which, by the way, is a kickass piece of music. Well done, Jeff) when I noticed that the album artwork would make a great wallpaper for my phone. So, that's what I did. I don't have much photo editing ability, but I think these turned out nicely. I take no ownership of the original artwork. I just made them more appropriate for use as a wallpaper on an iPhone.

This one comes from "I Burn"

Red Like Roses

Mirror Mirror

From Shadows

What do you think? If I find an opportunity, I might do more for characters like Torchwick or Jean.
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