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25 year-old male from Rolling Meadows, IL
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Movie-The Dark Knight & Tropic Thunder Saw it in IMAX
Music/Band-Punk- Streetlight Manifesto, New Metallica songs and the new Slipknot album
Video Game-Zelda and Halo-Ocarina and the whole trilogy
User(s) of the Month:ELLA She's the wife and mother of my fake baby. And shes hilarious.....and talks to me.
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My Mind....It's blown.......

Don't look unless you want to know about the new episode.

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Name Dom
Occupation Lifeguard/Slacker/College Student
Birthday April 20th, 1990
Interests Movies. I love movies. Filmmaking. Machinima. RvB. STAR WARS......big passion there.....video games. Oh and oh course females and parties.
Music NOFX Metallica Led Zeppelin Iron Maiden Avenged Sevenfold Rage Against the Machine Bad Religion A Wilhelm Scream 88 Fingers Louie The Flatliners Sanctity Rise Against Authority Zero The Descendants Minor Threat Good Riddance Bouncing Souls Propagandhi Reel Big Fish The Vandals Mnemic The Offspring Social Distortion Streetlight Manifesto AC/DC Van Halen Guns N Roses Alice in Chains Boston Breaking Benjamin Dethklok Dragonforce Dropkick Murphy's Flogging Molly Goldfinger Hell Yeah Incubus Killswitch Engage Mudvayne Pantera Dream Theater The Ramones SUM 41 Trivium Red Hot Chili Peppers Static-X Trocadero Pink Floyd Foo Fighters Queen Rob Zombie/White Zombie Linkin Park Black Sabbath/Ozzy Eminem Nirvana Sublime Suicidal Tendencies Tenacious D Weird Al Skindred Slayer Disturbed Slipknot Clutch System of a Down oldies Weezer Green Day Coldplay Michael Jackson Actually anything but country and rap.
Movies ENTIRE STAR WARS Saga The Dark Knight Live Free or Die Hard Fight Club The Departed V for Vendetta Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Temple of Doom The Last Crusade Spiderman movies James Bond Forgetting Sarah Marshall Super Bad The 40-Year-Old Virgin Out Cold Monty Python and the Holy Grail Full Metal Jacket DOOM Pulp Fiction Constantine Shaun of the Dead RvB Dogma Anchorman The Mask BASEketball Old School Eurotrip Harold and Kumar go to white castle South Park: Bigger longer and uncut Team America Nightmare before Christmas Matrix Trilogy KIll BIll 1&2 All Quentin Tarantino movies Scarface Godfather Good Fellas Untouchables Casino Chronicles of Riddick Napolean Dynamite Little Miss Sunshine Snakes on a Plane Pirates of the Caribbean Reservoir Dogs Sin City 300
TV Shows Scrubs Arrested Development The Office That 70s Show Spiderman The Animated Series Batman The Animated Series Family Guy Futurama Chapelle's show South Park Aqua Teen Hunger Force The Simpsons Robot Chicken Greg the Bunny 30 Rock Metalocalypse
Books Redwall books Harry Potter Star Wars.