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28 year-old male from Somewhere!
Not much to say, It's been over 2 years since i have visited RvB and well I'm trying to catch up with old friends again. I'm currently deployed, and trying to live life overhere to it's fullest.
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No longer known as the SSFThis may come as a huge surprise to you all that this profile is posting anything in such a long time... Well get this... I have finally found myself in a position to start writing the book again and well I'm starting from Chapter one... Which means Lot's of things will be changing. Made up usernames will all be gone and replace with actual names. We are losing the "Special" in the name, Doing away with swords and ancient stuff, as we all know that shit wouldn't last a second on the battle field.
New Name: The Silver Forces [TSF]
To show you that I am serious about this I will post the first paragraph revamped... Lots of the story will stay the same, I'm just going to work my brain trying to alter it to remove the swords in replacement of weapons. Looking forward to this....


The Silver Forces [TSF]
Hatred of Peace

Chapter 1: Generals Beginning

Dust feels the air, the aftermath from a great war is the only site you see in a small town just south of what used to be known as Houston. Buildings destroyed to rubble, green grass was now only dirt, trees dead, and the population had dropped dramatically. What was left of humanity was merely enough to fill a small hotel. Small groups of people who had survived kept to themselves but one group of people joined together to protect each other and trained vigorously to ensure they would be able to defend against any new threats. This group would later become the most feared and respected militia but it starts with one young man who finds himself to become something greater than he could ever imagine. This young man had much ahead of him throughout the journeys that awaited him but not to mature, but to become a man, a leader and mentor to his followers. He was a less fortunate kid found himself troubled throughout most of his childhood but would later find that his experience growing up would be his greatest asset in the future. Who is this young man and how will his past, present and future play a role in the success of his militia? His story begins.

EDIT Second Paragraph has been changed... More proof that I'm not fucking with you all.

As a young man, Jason, only 18 years of age, was a trouble maker, someone who was looked down upon, someone who was out casted by those who were better. He had had a rough life living with only his mother; his father had died in war prior to his birth. His mother did all she could to make whatever she could to support her and her son, but it just wasnt enough. This life led him become corrupt to get his way, to get what he wanted and needed. He never meant to hurt people the way he did but it seemed it was his only way. He was strong at heart and wanted to be something great when he grew up. During the time of the Great War, he and his mother were some of the few survivors. Not only had his life been hard, but now they had nothing. After finally coming out of hiding with his mother, living underground for years, they surfaced to find that they were not alone. Jason grew impatient with the distance that was kept between all the survivors and decided to leave the comfort of safety to meet new people. Determined to meet these people, Jason began walking to any existing building to meet these people but was threatened to stay away. Only one person, a much older gentleman, welcomed him into his safe house. Thomas was no ordinary man, he was a veteran of the Great War who was knocked unconscious and thought to be killed in action. After finally waking up and discovering he was listed as dead and the war had been lost by all countries in conflict by an unlisted uprising militia he decided to stay under the radar and began to strategically plan a way to regain control.

Looking forward to hearing from you all... Look me up on Facebook as that will be the first where I post all my updated material on TSF... Pass the word on... You can find me on facebook by searching my email.
Email: Victorlee_1986@yahoo.com.

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