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29 year-old male from Florissant, MO
I'm into gaming, I like just about every system, and I've been pretty into old school games in the last few years(especially SNES and Dreamcast if that counts as old). I like most music except for country and I do a lil skateboarding in my free time or maybe make a few let's play videos with my friends or build stuff in Minecraft.
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I truly hate microsoftI just want to play a game of domination and fucking xbox wants to break my halo 4 disc. *sign* Rent from video store. Install to hard drive. Hope it works.
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Name Josh
Occupation Gamer, writer, video maker, potential machinima director, future game developer.
Interests snowboarding gaming playing guitar red vs blue TV movies beating annoying people making machinima
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Music mostly metal/hard rock like disturbed killswitch engage slipknot metallica system of a down ozzy osbourne black sabbath serj tankian rap rock like sublime cypress hill beastie boys lip bizcuit rage against the machine rock like the smashing pumpkins zed zeppelin pink floyd R.E.M. puddle of mudd queen jimi hendrix nirvana aerosmith red hot chili peppers def leopard the who and rush
Movies lots its none of ur damn business tho
TV Shows read above stupid
Books ........books? never heard of them.