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4th Ragnarok journal. What happened?I figured it would be nice to put the old ragnarok journals to sleep and let know what happened since then.

Existence, the guild I was in was and became one of the best guilds on server. In the end there was only few of us left and we left the server as it closed.

euRO (european official server) was closed few years ago and I lost my sexy lvl 95 Lord Knight with it. For small fee you could have transfered your characters to fRO (french) servers for limited time.

I started new RO life in arabian official server aRO which didnt even have reborn classes at the time. This is where some of the old Existence members were too. Made Lord Knight again and quit after some time. Might go back there.

Watching the awesome show called LoL's castle (Ragnarok machinima) I found server that they were "sponsoring". It was private server with high rates and I honestly felt like godlike there. Most of the people had no idea how to WoE properly and I would have been unbeatable if I had the man power. The server was pretty dead with around 50 ppl online most of the time. And in the end it was hacked shortly after. It was first and only private server I ever tried and will try. Official 'till the end ;3

Last week I downloaded the fRO so I would go back there again, but patcher decided to fail and thus I'm not bothered to try to fix it atm. I might make return to aRO or possibly try some other official server.... that is not iRO, which lags no matter what you do.

And there's only one thing the journal needs now. The shamless stolen gif animation:
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