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34 year-old male from Providence, UT
I'm an avid video game fan and very much enjoy RvB. I love snowmobiling, basketball, wakeboarding, traveling and just all around living life. I've been a member here for a few years now and lately have been trying to make some machinima of my own. And I've got a dog named Bear. I love my dog. My gamertag is listed below. Add me as a friend and I'll gladly hit the Halo matchmaking lists with you when I'm on.
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Patellar TendonitisSo, I love basketball. I don't jog, I don't do pilates, I don't do yoga. Sports - That's how I get my excercise in. I mean, if you have to run, run for a purpose. And of all the sports I play, basketball is my favorite. I sucked at it when I was young, no one taught me the rules - I learned by watching and by playing and sucking it up a lot. I got better, I got taller, I got bigger. I play in my church's men's basketball league now. I am the biggest and tallest guy in the league and am a key player for my team. Last year (Feb 12'), in the first quarter of our first game, I suffered a crippling knee injury. A guy drove the key and we had a knee to knee colli...
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