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35 year-old male from Providence, UT
I'm an avid video game fan and very much enjoy RvB. I love snowmobiling, basketball, wakeboarding, traveling and just all around living life. I've been a member here for a few years now and lately have been trying to make some machinima of my own. And I've got a dog named Bear. I love my dog. My gamertag is listed below. Add me as a friend and I'll gladly hit the Halo matchmaking lists with you when I'm on.
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Patellar TendonitisSo, I love basketball. I don't jog, I don't do pilates, I don't do yoga. Sports - That's how I get my excercise in. I mean, if you have to run, run for a purpose. And of all the sports I play, basketball is my favorite. I sucked at it when I was young, no one taught me the rules - I learned by watching and by playing and sucking it up a lot. I got better, I got taller, I got bigger. I play in my church's men's basketball league now. I am the biggest and tallest guy in the league and am a key player for my team. Last year (Feb 12'), in the first quarter of our first game, I suffered a crippling knee injury. A guy drove the key and we had a knee to knee collision that ended up with him being helped off the floor. I knew I was hurt, but I played the rest of the game. The next day I couldn't put any weight on my knee without it buckling and some intense pain. I missed one game and then was back at it, skipping and hobbling around the court the rest of the season. Over the summer and fall my knee got better, but not enough. I can't cut hard and stopping and running the other direction just doesn't happen. So, I finally went and saw a doctor. 2 weeks ago. Yes, it took a year to get help. X-Rays and MRI's show that I tore my Patellar Tendon on the back side below my knee cap. Rare injury. On top of that, due to my not getting help, I have a bad case of tendonitis that has moved in too. He recommended Physical Therapy before surgery, since they can't do this surgery lathroscopically. They have to cut you open to fix this kind of an injury. Tuesday I went and saw my therapist. The first thing he did was tell me no more basketball for now. I have never been so crushed. This is what I do, this is who I am. I faithfully score 1/3 to 1/2 of our points each game. I dominate the key on offense and defense. When I'm in I have 2-3 defenders on me which opens up other team mates for easy buckets. I went to our game last night to support my team. Last week we lost 32-35. I got in foul trouble early and sat out the 3rd quarter, which is when we went from being 2 points behind to 17 points behind. In the 4th quarter I led a comback and we were within 3, but lost. Last night, while I warmed the bench and did a lot of yelling, we lost 52-30. We got owned in the key. I haven't told my team, but I may miss this whole season depending on how/if I heal. I dreamed of basketball last night. I just want back in and I want to play. I'm just sounding off and bitching. Just needed to get it off my chest.

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