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Tudor Forum Mod
27 year-old male from Hampshire, England
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British, gamer, Achievement Hunter, Forum Mod, devoted husband, loving father... not necessarily in that order.

If I'm not online here, I'm working as a Video Producer and Editor at Big Red Barrel

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Tudor Forum Mod
On the Fullscreen thing...I know a lot of people are rushing to calm the worries of the RT fanbase, telling you all it's going to benefit RT more than hinder them with some facts and personal feelings on the matter. But here's how I see it:

Have Fullscreen ruined any Rooster Teeth shows?
Have they saved any Rooster Teeth shows?
Can you see the future?
Can I see the future?
So there's really no way of knowing.
So there's really no point in asking.
So there's really no point in worrying.

Feel better?
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