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28 year-old female from Milwaukee, WI
hello hello helloooooo.

And that was the stunning conclusion to "About".
thank you and don't forget to throw your babies away.
GARBAGE...i said garbage.
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halo 2 bitchesoh. hi everyone.
o geez...ive been gone for so long.....aaaaaaah.
and i dont have much to say right now/too lazy.
so heres a comic for your hungry GREEDY little eyes that deserve to be ripped out...

it's funny because it's true.
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Name Anna
Occupation fighting crime..saving the world...
Birthday August 21st, 1986
Interests red vs. blue 8-bit theater monty python british comedy performing arts horses drawing anything on adult swim homestarrunner.com foamy macabre poop music (anything from classical to classic rock and jazz swing blues to punk..i love it all) defenestration mastication inebriation Boba Fett spinning things in circles spontaneity eccentricity vampires pirates ice cream rice crispies treats animals Star Wars LOTR Harry Potter the simpsons paranormal anime the nightmare before christmas rocky horror picture show harold and maude hearses mel brookes tim burton danny elfman RPGs albinoblacksheep.com my soul-mate Steve Hackbarth God above all else aaaaand YO MOMMA....i think that covers it pretty much....except yo momma.....she's a wee bit too big to cover.
Music like i said u hamster-tossing grandma-pinching puppy-throwing charles in charge-watching FOOL of a human....i like just about anything when it comes to music. jazz swing blues the rat pack classic rock some new rock punk rock rockabilly classical irish rock folk music celtic techno a little rap no r &b sorry a little country oldies new wave grunge ummm...what else......opera jive cultural yadda yadda yadda...u get the picture.
Movies Harold and Maude Nightmare Before Christmas Rocky Horror Picture Show Star Wars LOTR Harry Potter Monty Python and the Holy Grail Monty Python and the Meaning of Life Young Frankenstein BeetleJuice Princess Bride Airplane Spaceballs NeverEnding Story Legend Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory All Dogs Go To Heaven ....i'm sure im still forgetting some. whatever.
TV Shows Venture Brothers Red Vs. Blue Cowboy Bebop Family Guy The Simpsons Home Movies Aqua Teen Hunger Force Sealab 2021 Space Ghost Coast to Coast Cartoon Planet The Brak Show Harvey Birdman:Attorney at Law Lupin the 3rd Trigun The Addams family The Munsters Inuyasha The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Invader Zim SNL MadTV Upright Citizens Brigade Kids in the Hall Fraggle Rock Monty Python's Flying Circus Seinfeld Black Adder Mr. Bean The Office Coupling Manchild.....uuuummm....yeah.