XI and XII

      8 years ago

      so not much new going on over here. lately i have been playing a lot of ffxi and ffxii.


      Moded Xbox controller Update!

      10 years ago


      After a few failed attempts and a couple of controllers, I finally have done it! I have successfully installed a crouching switch for halo! The first thing I had to do was find the button associated with the crouching. So I took apart an S controller and found it with out a problem. However when I flipped it around to find the solder connections I was disappointed to find them covered by the left trigger. Try as I might I just could not figure out how to get the trigger off with out destroying it. So I moved onto a Madcatz micro controller and I ran into the same dilemma. On to the next controller this time a Madcatz macro controller! Success! The button was placed in the prefect spot. So I busted out the old solder iron and attached the wires with out to much difficulty. Plugged it in and instead of crouching I zoomed in! Damn! I attached it to the wrong connection. So I tore it apart, re-soldered and successes! My crouching switch works! I will post some actual pics once I find my battery for the digital camera.


      Moded Xbox Controller

      10 years ago

      Have you ever held down the crouch button (L3) so long you think your thumb is going to fall off! Well what if some one added a toggle switch? This is my goal! I plain to customize my own controller for halo! This is still a work in progress but I will soon have pics of the final product!



      10 years ago

      This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen our president do!


      It’s all so strange

      10 years ago

      Wow it’s been like two months and every thing has changed but it is still home.
      I don’t have that much time to go into all the details right now but I well give you all the facts in a bit.


      Sea Launch

      10 years ago

      Launching Rockets from an old Oil Platform!
      All the rocket components are loaded onto the Mission Control Ship to be assembled!
      Then the rocket is moved to the launch pad and moved out to sea!
      The launch site is 20 miles south of Hawaii resting on the equator!
      Launching form the Equator allows for a more efficient launch!


      Shuttle Launch 5/22/05

      10 years ago

      Shuttle Countdown Status
      STATUS REPORT: S2-15

      Space Shuttle Processing Status Report

      Note: NASA's Kennedy Space Center issues Space Shuttle Processing Status Reports each week, and is the source for information regarding processing activities associated with the vehicles and payloads. This report does not necessarily reflect the chronological order of future Space Shuttle missions. If you are a member of the media and would like further information, visit

      Discovery (OV-103)

      Mission: STS-114 - 17th ISS Flight (LF1) - Multi-Purpose Logistics Module
      Vehicle: Discovery (OV-103)
      Location: Launch Pad 39B
      Launch Date: Launch Planning Window: May 22 - June 3, 2005
      Launch Pad: 39B
      Crew: Collins, Kelly, Noguchi, Robinson, Thomas, Lawrence and Camarda
      Inclination/Orbit Altitude: 51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles

      On Wednesday, following the Space Shuttle Program's Design Certification Review (DCR) the previous day, senior management identified May 22 as the target launch date for STS-114 in the May 15 - June 3 launch window. This will allow additional time to complete the required engineering analysis, validation and verification testing of the Shuttle for a safe Return to Flight.

      Work continues at Launch Pad 39B for Discovery's launch to the International Space Station (ISS). The payload bay doors were opened Tuesday and the Remote Manipulator System, or Shuttle arm, and the Orbiter Boom Sensor System clearance checks are complete. Flight readiness tests have been successfully performed on all three Space Shuttle Main Engines.

      This weekend, technicians will finalize work to prepare for loading the hypergolic propellants for flight. This process includes loading the propellants, monomethyl hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide, into the Orbiter Maneuvering System and the Forward Reaction Control System. On April 28, the Rotating Service Structure will be rotated away from the vehicle in preparation for hot-fire tests of the Auxiliary Power Units on Discovery and the right-hand Solid Rocket Booster Hydraulic Power Unit.

      Two of the payloads that will travel to the ISS were installed into the Payload Transportation Canister this week in preparation for their move to Launch Pad 39B. The External Stowage Platform-2 (ESP-2) was installed on Tuesday and the Lightweight Multi-Purpose Experiment Support Structure Carrier (LMC) was installed on Wednesday. The ESP-2 will carry replacement parts to the Station and will be deployed and attached to the Station's airlock as a permanent spare-parts facility. The LMC will carry a replacement Control Moment Gyroscope and a tile repair sample test kit. The Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Raffaello is scheduled to be installed on Monday, with transfer to the pad scheduled to occur at the end of next week.


      Final Fantasy VII part 4 for the PSP!

      10 years ago

      Last week I talked about FF7 part 2&3! Two being Advents Children on DVD and UMD! Part three was Dirge of Cerberus coming out on PS2 this week we are talking about Part 4 Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (working title) for the PSP! Well theirs not much to talk about unless you can read Japanese!



      10 years ago

      These are photos of an Air Force C-130 releasing flares to repel heat seeking Missiles. The pattern formed by these "decoys" are how they got their name . . . . . Angel decoy. It's absolutely awesome!

      Maneuvers are usually in remote areas and over water, therefore the general public does not get to view these exercises.



      It funny because it’s true!

      10 years ago

      So I was watching Attack of the Show last night and they mentioned this site called basically it’s this guy posting pic's of his cat with stuff set on top of them well they sleep. It funny because it’s true! Resting next to me was my cat Odin with all five of my remotes, a pack of smokes, my GBA and also my PSP resting on top of him as he slept on my Halo 2 Limited edition box. If only I had a working camera! So check you his site and post some pics! Also check out 8 Bit Gaming Power to Go they made a hand-held game unit using some pretty cool stuff!

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