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    • AgentX7

      Megaman X6

      4 years ago

      Three weeks after the crash of the Eurasia colony in Mega Man X5, the Earth's surface is badly damaged, and humans have been forced to live underground to survive from the pollution. Reploids have been sent to the surface to attempt to make it livable once again. There was no trace of Mavericks for some days, and the Maverick Hunters help cleaning up the world. Gate, a Reploid scientist who was once a former colleague of Alia, stumbles upon the crash site of Eurasia, finding something unusual. After that, Gate became mad and a strange set of Maverick outbreaks occurs, and when X is called to stop a giant Mechaniloid, he sees a purple-like figure that resembles Zero. Around the same time, a powerful Reploid named High Max appears and claims to be investigating the Zero Nightmare, and they fight. High Max, however, proves to be too strong and X cannot damage him with his X-Buster.
      A Reploid scientist named Isoc makes a announcement saying that the ghost of Zero, Zero Nightmare, is behind the new Nightmare Phenomena. He sends eight Reploids to investigate areas with high jamming suspected to be infected by the Nightmare to discover the mystery surrounding it and delete Zero's ghost, with High Max leading the mission. Isoc also ask for volunteers to help them. X goes off to the suspected areas to investigate the Nightmare, defeat the Mavericks, and rescue the Reploids that volunteered to help.

      During his mission, X fights against the Zero Nightmare and finds the real Zero, who was believed to have been destroyed after the last encounter with Sigma. Signas is reluctant to ask Zero's help as he had just return, but due to the crisis, Zero helps X in the mission.

      After defeating the Mavericks, the Maverick Hunters discover Gate was behind the Nightmare Virus. Gate is impressed with the abilities of X and Zero, and challenges the Hunters to a duel, revealing them the location of his hidden laboratory. In his laboratory, Gate also reveals he was able to create the Nightmare and High Max by analyzing Zero's DNA, which he found in Eurasia's crash site. X and Zero defeat High Max and Gate; Isoc was later found unconscious in a similar way to the Erasure Incident (mentioned by Alia when playing as X). Upon Gate's defeat, Gate reveals he had revived Sigma. Sigma states that he didn't need his help to revive, attacked Gate and retreated. X and Zero rush to stop the partially-reconstructed Sigma and battle him, and although he was not fully complete, he puts up a good fight. In the end, the Hunters prove victorious, defeating Sigma and removing Gate's body from the wreckage of his lab to attempt to repair him.

    • AgentX7

      Mega Man X5 (part 2)

      4 years ago

      While X was away, Lifesavor, a maintenance Reploid, continued studying Zero's internal system. Zero has always reacted strangely to the Sigma virus vaccine, and Lifesavor was suspicious of that reaction. He brought this to Signas' attention, but it was beyond their understanding; they both agreed, though, that Zero had to have been originally created for a higher purpose.

      X's mission wasn't over yet, though, as there was another objective; there was a backup plan in place if the Enigma were to fail: Someone would have to fly a shuttle toward Enigma and crash into it, surely killing his or herself in the process. Either way, a sacrifice would have to be made. Of course, 4 certain Reploids'”The Skiver, Axle the Red, Dark Dizzy and Mattrex'”who were in possession of essential shuttle parts had to be confronted. They, too, wouldn't comply for one reason or another, and X was forced to destroy them, as well.

      As this was going on, Dynamo showed up at least twice at Maverick Hunter Headquarters, demanding to see X. When X confronted the now-Maverick, Dynamo laughed with glee, enjoying his mission: To stall X'”wasting precious hours'”while Eurasia continued its path of destruction toward Earth. Dynamo retreated after the first battle, fearing X's strength, but he was defeated for good the second time. Regardless, he achieved his goal. It wasn't in vain, though: X had learned that Dynamo was under the control of Sigma, who just happened to be responsible for the destruction of Eurasia's gravity device. Time was of the essence.

      With the pieces collected, they launched the Enigma. The result was negative; the Enigma only managed to damage at most 60% of Eurasia, only slowing it down. They had to resort to plan B. Zero volunteered to fly the shuttle, even if it meant his own life. X wanted to do it, instead, but Zero convinced him otherwise; he promised to eject before collision, coming home in one piece. Zero blasted off, hurtling toward Eurasia; right before the big crash, Zero ejected, but his transmission was lost. His goal was achieved, though, as Eurasia was destroyed. Transmission was restored, however, and wherever Zero was, he was safe, a strange glowing property becoming of him. Zero couldn't believe it, but it appeared that the Sigma virus, which he was infected with upon impact, was actually making him stronger.

      Back at Hunter base, they managed to locate where Sigma was hiding out. X transported to a cosmic-type area where he was ambushed by infected Mavericks. Sigma knew what he was doing, and he would stall X at any cost, having created such monstrosities as an eerily-familiar Rock Monster and an attacking room. Deep into the complex, X entered a large chamber. There was Zero, hovering about with an intense glow. In the background stood an ominous design'”a giant "W." X didn't know what it could have possibly meant. Zero tried to explain the power he was feeling, but X believed that he was talking gibberish. X tried to smooth things over by suggesting that they head back to the Hunter base, but Zero took it as mistrust. In fact, he believed that X may have been infected with the virus; X suspected the same of Zero.

      With no way to trust each other, there was only one solution'”something they had both feared for the longest time; longtime friends would have to fight each other, finally, as destiny had dictated. They both took deep breaths as they knew what was to come'”the fight of their lives. The battle was great, as the two best Hunters the world had ever seen were forced to come to blows. In the end, though, one of them had to prevail, and, on this day, it was X. X, accepting his fate, mourned the loss of his friend, vowing to fight on in Zero's name. An overlooking foe, Sigma, however, was delighted to have witnessed their battle'”he took pleasure in X's pain. X, enraged, demanded that Sigma show himself, but it would not be, as X would have to pass the final obstacle, 8 clones of the Mavericks he had defeated before, to avenge his friend.

      When X finally emerged into the heart of the complex, Sigma taunted him further; he mentioned to X that an "old man" had told him all about him'”what made him tick. X wanted none of it, and the battle was on. Sigma's original form was defeated, but, as always, he was ready with another body'”the largest body he had ever possessed, rivaling Gamma, an attempt at a peacekeeping robot made hundreds of years earlier by Dr. Light and his former assistant. Whoever that "old man" that Sigma spoke of earlier had helped him build it. But that was all moot, since, as he did many times in the past, X defeated Sigma again. Sigma had some parting words, but it was the same as always. The complex began rattling; X had to escape. X jumped into a shuttle and sped off just as the complex exploded; damaged, the ship crashed all the way to Earth. As soon as they located the point of impact, several Hunters found the ship in ruins with X badly damaged inside. They picked up his remains and carried them back to Headquarters. With his memory damaged and many internal injuries, X would need a lot of work.

      Before long, X was repaired. He and the other Hunters began to repair the damage, hoping to one day return the Earth to normal. When a fellow Hunter mentioned the name "Zero," X's vague memory could recall Zero, his good friend. Even though they had to fight, Zero would always be with him. And it was the memory of Zero that would encourage X to fight on against the forces of evil'”it would encourage him to fight for everlasting peace!


    • AgentX7

      Mega Man X5 (part 1)

      4 years ago

      Centuries had passed. The many battles between machines that comprised the Reploid Wars had raged on, and it seemed as though the wars would never end as long as Sigma existed and Reploids had the potential to become Mavericks. In the ever-increasing expansion of technology, colonies were built as such that they orbited the moon itself. The largest of those was Eurasia, a massive colony that was under extensive renovation to make it the largest, most colossal and most advanced of all of the orbiting outposts.

      One day, an unknown force possessed the Eurasia and sabotaged its gravity device. The colony began to spin out of control, heading in what would surely be a collision course with Earth. When this was detected by Maverick Hunter Headquarters, they calculated that the colony would crash into the Earth within hours. There was only one hope--to deploy the Enigma, an ancient particle cannon left over from the Reploid Wars, to intercept and destroy Eurasia before it entered Earth's atmosphere But there was a problem: Parts needed to rebuild the Enigma were scattered throughout the planet, and they would need to be collected in order to assure that Enigma would launch correctly and reach its target.

      While this was going on, two mysterious Reploids—one of which was named Dynamo, and the other being the force behind Eurasia's destruction—were planning their next move. Dynamo was once hired by an unknown agency as a special unit's Hunter, but now he had a new boss, with new orders: He was instructed to head toward Maverick Hunter Headquarters for some reason.

      Not soon after, there was a disturbance in the city. X transported to the streets, the scene of a Maverick outbreak. Being led by the transmission of Alia—the Hunters' engineer researcher, navigator, and programming language expert—X raced to the top of a certain building, the origin of the disturbance. Upon reaching the destination, X found Zero injured; Zero was attacked by Sigma and badly damaged. Right then, Sigma occupied a large statue in the distance and immediately attacked X. Without much effort, X was able to destroy Sigma in that form. The awful truth was revealed to them at that point: Sigma purposely lost—he knew that his destruction would spread the Sigma virus all over the Earth. Within hours, all Reploids and other mechanical structures would become Mavericks. X and Zero quickly headed back to Headquarters.

      Back at Headquarters, Signas, the general of the Maverick Hunters, brought X and Zero up to speed. Douglas, the Hunters' main mechanic and weapons' maintainer, calculated that Eurasia would crash into the Earth within 16 hours. It was up to X to locate 4 certain Reploids—Grizzly Slash, Squid Adler, Izzy Glow and Duff McWhale—and retrieve 4 essential pieces to repairing the Enigma. Each of those Reploids, unfortunately, had either refused to comply—to part with their possessions—or had already been infected with the Sigma virus. X had no choice but to destroy them all.

      X had plenty of help from Alia in managing the parts he received, and he collected Reploid DNA that was used to make stronger weapons and enhancement items. X also located more of the capsules hidden by Dr. Light. This time, Dr. Light supplied X with armor pieces that could be used to create Falcon and Gaia Armor, increasing his odds of overcoming a worldwide infestation of Mavericks.


    • AgentX7

      Mega Man X4 (part 2)

      4 years ago

      Upon locating the first 2 soldiers, their attitude was the same: They were angered at being labeled Mavericks and would fight X to defend their honor. Defeating them, X again became more powerful. Helping him, littered throughout the world, were more power-ups and Dr. Light capsules for X to find; Light spoke to X, sad to see that the reploids had begun fighting each other. "Why must they fight?" he asked, hoping that X could somehow stop the tragic war.

      Slowly, X eliminated the next 5 before approaching the the traitor, Magma Dragoon, who was responsible for the Sky Lagoon crashing down into the Earth. Dragoon had always wanted to fight X—to test his skills against X's—so he was goaded into joining Repliforce by "him," a person who promised that he would give Dragoon that chance.

      After defeating all the soldiers, X returned to Maverick H.Q. Double informed X that Repliforce had already begun assembling. Teleporting out, following their ships closely from behind, X located the Colonel. "I'll stop anyone who tries to interfere with our independence!" the Colonel said profoundly. Having been defeated, the Colonel explained that it was too late—that Repliforce already left for space.

      Double urged X not to venture any further, as it was too dangerous. Regardless, X had to do his job. After X teleported out, Double exited into the Maverick Hunter Hangar Bay, where he was heckled by the usual group of hunters. Double, his eyes glaring, transformed into a huge monstrosity, killing the hunters for their comments. "What's wrong, Double?" X could be heard over Double's transmitter. "Nothing to worry about," Double said as X broke contact. "And now, X will be my next target! Hee hee hee!"

      Further into Repliforce's transporter ships, X was surprised to see Double already there."Double, what are you doing here?" X asked. Double responded: "HA! The Mavericks, Hunters and Repliforce... Idiots, all of them. They're making my job too easy!" "What are you saying?" X, stunned, inquired. Answered Double, now transforming back into monstrous form: "Think it over in heaven! Die, X!"

      X had won, leaving Double to explain why he did what he did. "You're so naive, X," he explained. "I was sent as a spy from the very beginning to keep an eye on you!" Declaring that X's naiveness would be his own downfall, Double was laid to rest. X wondered who exactly Double was a spy for.

      Moving on, X ran into the General. Explaining to X Repliforce's plan to build their own nation, the General would fight for unjustifiably being called a "Maverick." As X defeated the General, something of dire consequence was happening. "It can't be," the General said. "The weapon is malfunctioning. Someone else must be controlling it." He continued, "You must hurry, X. The Earth is in danger!"

      He would be stalled, however, as 8 capsules containing clones of Repliforce's soldiers stood in his way. Finally gaining access to the area containing the ultimate weapon, that mysterious hooded figure, more or less resembling the Grim Reaper, appeared right in front of X. The voice was undeniable; it was indeed...Sigma! "This is amusing," he said. "It really is, X," explaining that it was his plan to frame Repliforce, making it look like they were the cause of the destruction—as to keep the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce at each other's throats. He also explained that Double was his spy, sent to keep tabs on everything X was doing. Furthermore, he was going to use the ultimate weapon Repliforce made to destroy Earth, inviting X for a battle if he dared.

      X and Sigma, forever enemies, battled once again. Eliminating his Reaper incarnation, X fought Sigma in 2 more separate bodies. X won, again, seemingly ruining another of Sigma's plots. Sigma just laughed, as it was too late—the weapon was already aimed at Earth. "Good-bye, X," Zero continued, laughing at the imminent destruction about to become of Earth.

      X scurried forward, trying to figure out what to do. Just then, the General reappeared, damaged and beaten. The General would use his body to stop the weapon. Said X: "But then you'll--" The General cut him off, explaining that it was too late, as there was no other choice. "X, please forgive our foolishness...," he uttered, before sacrificing himself.

      X hurried out of the area, getting into his ship and blasting off into space. Contacting Zero, he informed his friend that he was indeed safe. Taking Zero by surprise, X lay forth a question: "But, Zero... What if I become one of the mavericks?" "Don't be silly," Zero replied, urging X to go home and rest. "I'm serious," X said, asking the same question again. "If I do," continued X, "if I become a Maverick, you have to take care of me (finish me off)." "Don't be ridiculous," Zero said. "Now hurry back." "Promise me, Zero...," X said, as Zero broke transmission.

      The battle had ended, but X didn't feel quite right. He wondered what was making all the robots turn into Mavericks. And whatever it was, would it happen to him? Was it his destiny? It was a mystery that X would one day have to solve.


    • AgentX7

      Mega Man X4 (part 1)

      4 years ago

      Somewhere deep in the headquarters of the Repliforce'”an army of reploids assembled to protect the humans'”a mysterious hooded figure was having a meeting with the General. The mysterious man was doing all he could to urge the the General to have the Repliforce eliminate the Maverick Hunters, as they posed a threat in their never-ending quest to please the humans. The General, sympathetic to his human creators, dismissed the man, angry that he would propose such a scenario. The mysterious man laughed as he walked off, promising that the General would change his mind soon.

      Not soon after, X and Zero were alerted to a Maverick riot somewhere in the city. With the Repliforce having failed to control the Maverick outbreak, X and Zero, spearheading their own separate Maverick Hunter groups, would have to compensate by addressing it on their own.

      Upon arriving at the latest point of disturbance, the Sky Lagoon, X found that it was overrun by Mavericks. X ran into fellow hunter Magma Dragoon, who alerted X to the fact that the Sky Lagoon was going to blow, insisting that X escape immediately. "It'll crash into the city; many people will perish," X said, racing to the city below.

      X was too late; the Sky Lagoon had crashed, laying waste to the city and many lives with it. A Repliforce official, the Colonel, appeared before X. "What are you doing here?" X asked, with a tone that implied that the Colonel was behind the destruction. "What are you talking about?" the Colonel, shocked, asked. "I just came here to save my sister." Wanting to believe the Colonel, X asked him to put down his weapons and come quietly back to Maverick H.Q. The Colonel, upholding Repliforce's honor, refused to lower his weapons. "Then you will be considered a Maverick," X explained. Not liking the stereotype, the Colonel made his exit.

      Repliforce held a meeting soon after, addressing the fact that they were wrongfully accused as Mavericks. As the most powerful army in history, they vowed to fight for their own independence, building their own nation of reploids while not bringing harm to their human creators. The Colonel echoed the sentiments vehemently. To get the job done, they would move into space and create a super weapon for their own protection.

      Somewhere else'”hidden deep inside a building'”that mysterious hooded figure looked on. "HAHAHA, the General has taken action," he boasted. "And now, my Maverick Hunters, what will you do? I'll be watching closely from here on out! HAHAHAHA!"

      Returning to Maverick Hunter H.Q., X met Double, a rookie hunter and Dr. Cain's latest creation. Careless and zealous, Double was there to assist X and Zero in any way he could. Having located some of Repliforce's soldiers' locations, he relayed them to X. The Repliforce territories located were being guarded by 8 soldiers in particular: Storm Owl, Web Spider, Slash Beast, Frost Walrus, Split Mushroom, Jet Stingray, Cyber Peacock, and that very same Magma Dragoon. X had to stop Repliforce before they could assemble and begin their revolution.


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