from Hollis Center, ME

    • Bathory27

      4 years ago

      I love listening to the RT Podcast. Its amazing the thoughts you have in your own head that you think, "no one else thinks of this", or, "am I the only person that thinks of this?" And then you listen to something, in my case the RT Podcast. and there has been so many times something has came up, mostly from Burnie, and just blows me away that he wonders the same thing. Its just neat to have someone relate to you in a way you think is not possible.

    • Bathory27

      4 years ago

      Have been on Youtube watching Rooster Teeth for the past two years. And recently going back and listening to all of the Podcast so I figured it was time to sign up on here.

    • Bathory27

      2016 years ago

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