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      a LONG day at work

      1 week ago

      I normally get sundays off, but I had to go in today. I just got home and it is 1.30 am... oh and I work in another 6 and a half hours. I didnt work all day, but I worked really late... so I am tired and slightly grumpy... now good night!

    • Capt_Crazy25 thedestroyer

      Update! TLDR: Christmas stuff

      3 weeks ago

      Hey! Christmas happened and I never posted about it. It was a good christmas, I got to spend a good chunk of time with my brother and sister who I dont get to see to often. I ate really well (meaning losing more weight didnt really happen) which was nice. I also got to have the house to myself cause my roommate was gone for a solid 2 weeks. I also made a bunch of progress into getting the achievements in Tomb Raider, I just hope the multiplayer stuff isnt dead and wont take for fucking ever.

      Christmas, the highlights of what I got as gifts were a pair of danner boots, a Fitbit and a dope ass metal water bottle! my sister also got me some kick ass game of thrones etched pint glasses.

      I really did like spending time with my brother, he is currently in Idaho going to school and I feel like I never get to see him. Turns out he has taken up smoking, sure I would like his lungs to be better but its what ever. I learned that cigs in Oregon are like 5x cheaper then cigs in Idaho. My sister is going Americorp and that will take her to Iowa for training and then after that she doesnt know. But it will be a while before I see her again.

      My roommate works from home so she is normally always around. I dont really have a problem with that but she is always around and it can be... irritating always having someone just... there. But for christmas she went down to southern California to hang with her parents and then right when she got back she went up to Mt Hood to hang out with her boyfriend. So I had the house to myself for a solid 3 weeks. It was nice I got to lounge around without having someone being there.... SOOOOOO nice! I know its not going to happen often so it was nice to relish the time I had.

      Gaming, I have downloaded Tomb Raider when it was free with gold. Its a fun little game. The combat can be frustrating but the story is not bad.... its not an artistic master piece but its intriguing. There is a ton of back story that I will probably go back and read, so that is a bonus. The single player achievements are really shitty, there are some collectibles that arent tons of fun but it could be way worse. I am just worried about the multiplayer ones. I hope those dont suck, it seems like it is going to be a bunch of grinding and I hope that there are still people who play and are bad enough that I can get a few done quickly.

    • Capt_Crazy25 thedestroyer

      I was going to say something...

      1 month ago

      DAMNIT! OH! I just remembered!

      so College football is going on right now (and by right now I mean this approximate time) and I would call myself a casual fan. I dont know ever player on ever team or even every player of the team that I really like (University of Oregon Ducks) but I do pay attention from time to time.

      Currently it is bowl season, mean that teams are asked if they want to attend a special game and play for no real reason other then to play (those who know stuff about the Bowl system will know that the players get bonus stuff for playing in bowls but that is not the point right now). But there was a Bowl game today between Ohio State and Notre Dame and I kinda hate both teams so I listened to it on the radio a little. Now I hate Notre Dame with a passion because they are so beloved by the media when they are ONLY OKAY!. I also am not a huge fan of Ohio Sate cause they beat Oregon like a drum last year... also there coach is a bit of a dick.

      But anyway there was one play in the game, in the first quarter where Joey Bossa a defensive player for Ohio Sate (who I kinda like, he plays with heart and is a super try hard, plus he is just really stinking good) and he hit/tackled the Notre Dame QB. The officials decided in there infinite wisdom that this hit was targeting. Targeting according to the rule book is hitting a player with the crown of your head.... and he was thrown out. FUCKING BULLSHIT! THE FUCK IS THAT CALL! Targeting is meant to stop players from hitting people in the head with there own helmet with the intent to injure the other person.

      Bossa did not hit the QB with the intent to hurt him, he hit him in the chest! no were close to the helmet (which is the spirit of the law). I dont know! I dont want to say that football is getting to soft, I am just annoyed that there are some rules that seem... wrong. I think most of the recent rule changes designed to keep players safer are good, but some rules, like what is a catch (in the NFL) and pass interference no longer make sense. Pass interference calls give the offensive player a considerable advantage (and because I am a defensive guy at heart it therefore sucks) and making a catch seems almost arbitrary.

      I just want the rule book to be streamlined a little bit, let players play more, dont become like soccer where the players flop to try and get calls (cause that is what seems to happen on every long ball in the NFL). I want the game to be decided by players skill and not by a few calls that are questionable. The Bossa hit is just one thing that really annoyed the fuck out of me.

    • Capt_Crazy25 thedestroyer


      2 months ago

      I went to the gym today and after my workout I was down to 237lbs. I dont want to say I have been working hard cause I feel like I havent been, I have just been sticking to this thing that was put in front of me.

      Damn does it feel good to be this "small" I am not small by any means but it has been a while since I was this weight. I feel more confident and blah blah blah.... end generic talk about weight loss. (but it does feel good)

    • Capt_Crazy25 thedestroyer

      day what ever

      2 months ago

      Today is day... something... I am almost at 3 weeks into the diet and it is going well. I didnt stay super strong for thanksgiving, but I didnt fuck it up super hard like I could have. I am currently down like 16 lbs (started at 257). I havent gotten back in the gym yet but I really want too. But this shit is hard. Like I want to eat tasty things but I cant... like I would love to go to panda express and have some of that orange chicken, but I cant.

      Oh and my goal is to get down to 180. I was 180 in high school but now if I were to get down to that weight I would be chiseled like a roman statue.... well we really just have to get there and see.

    • Capt_Crazy25 thedestroyer


      2 months ago

      shit... today is a thanksgiving celebration at where I work... but I am on this diet... so I dont really want to eat the food... but I have been craving just good food and I am so tempted to eat some of the stuff that I am not supposed to and then just go to the gym afterwards to work it off... but that is not how this thing is supposed to go. you are just supposed to eat only what is on the diet... sooooo FUCK!

      I think I will ask my boss if I can get out of it and leave work before it even starts.

    • Capt_Crazy25 thedestroyer

      Its friday (an update on the past week)

      2 months ago

      sigh... its been a good week. I have been on the diet for a week and have lost 10 lbs. On the gaming side I have done minimal gaming, but I did buy a sick magic deck. Its been a good week, long, but good.

      The diet, I am still not able to workout, which is a drag cause I really want to go and lift heavy things. I love working out, it is fun stress relieving and I get out of the house. But on like week 3 or so I can start doing small things, I dont know if that is lifting, but little steps. any way I am down 10 lbs, not close to the end goal but its progress.

      Gaming, I didnt play much in terms of video games. but this weekend will be filled with gaming. I plan on clearing up the rest of Assassins Creed Rouge. In non video gaming gaming, I bought a new Magic the Gathering Commander deck. it is sick... but I screwed with it and took out a few mana... and now I feel like I am getting mana fucked. Still I won one game with no problem.

      As for the rest of the week... it has felt long. I have stayed late at work a few times this week but that just means over time.

      All in all, it was good week.

    • Capt_Crazy25 thedestroyer

      BANANA OF PIMPS!!!!!!

      2 months ago

      Along with that kick ass extra life poster I order a Banana of pimps shirt, and it arrived today. it fits, but it is snug... like not uncomfortable snug and as I lose weight it will fit even better!

      I am excited for this shit! everything is going so well!

    • Capt_Crazy25 thedestroyer

      tonights adventure! some traveling

      2 months ago

      this is going to be a running journal about our Dungeons and Dragons adventure. I am a Warforged Barbarian who finally figured out his abilities... we also have a Half-Elf Ranger(?) a Deva Paladin, and a Tifling Bard.

      The day started with us leaving the army camp we were at and journeying towards the next town. Our Paladin started by telling us all about the surrounding country side and the amazing food they make called pratzals... The Warforged simply ignored her but the half-elf and bard listened and found us a really nice place to camp. Once the camp was set up the Warforged and Paladin decided to spar to see who was the better fighter... the stakes... oh yeah this is a mature game, okay you are warned.... one is the others slave for a day.

      The Warforged was soundly beaten by the Paladin and was a little grumpy about it, but the night went by smoothly. in the morning breakfast was... a little lackluster, made by our Paladin.our next day of travel was not as smooth... the Warforged stabbed himself trying to admire his scars, and we did not get as far.

      That night the group was attacked by large beast, it was a very large humanoid thing that swung a very large bronze club. He went straight for our Paladin and hit her while she was still sleeping, the Warforged closed in on the enemy but the Paladin struck first and did a small amount of damage. The beast swung at both the Barbarian and the Paladin pushing them both back a ways. the Bard and Ranger doing minimal damage from range while this is going on.

      The Barbarian closed on the beast and knocked him to the ground! everyone proceeded to beat on him until the Bard blasted him with a spell that propelled him away from the group, and giving both the Paladin and Barbarian an opportunity to attack... while the Paladin missed the Barbarian struck a critical blow, ripping open the guts of the creature and killing it.

      The battle won, the group moved the body of the creature and after debating what to do with its massive club (which had rolled into the fire for a few minutes) the Barbarian decided that it would be best to strap it to one of the smaller group members horses. He burned himself in the process, but the Barbarian didnt mind at all. they all thought it best to turn in for the night.

      in the morning the Half-Elf bitched a little for having to ride with the club, but she put up with it. The group again had a lackluster breakfast and contuined on into the next town.

      NEXT WEEK! we find our group in the town trying to figure out why the woods are so quiet and why there are so few messages being sent.... hint the creature had something to do with it.

    • Capt_Crazy25 thedestroyer

      Watching The F Word

      2 months ago

      The F Word is a show with Gordon Ramsey... its a mix of competition and celebrities and cooking, so all in all its a fun show to watch. But I am on a very strict diet... and so I am just drolling over all the food they are making and want to go and eat something like what they are doing.. but I cant!!!!!! UGGGGG its the worst!

      still its a very good show.

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      2 weeks ago

      I upload new and interesting facts everyday in my series:

      "Fact of The Day"

      Hope to see you there!

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    • AshleyBren

      1 year ago

      I approve this friendship. smiley13.gif

    • Cainrin Bookwyrm

      1 year ago

      The Disney thread took off before I had a chance to log back in...hello from the other Portland! I've been working here for a little over 2 years, living here for 1.5. I've lived in New England since I was 8 though. Are you a Portland, OR native?

      • Capt_Crazy25 thedestroyer

        1 year ago

        oh man ONLY 66K? that is tiny. well, then again we are a couple million i think, but really spread out. but our down town is really cool, the city is cut in half by a river and so the major business half (with a bunch of tall buildings) is on one side, and a slightly poorer side is on the other. Then on the business side it goes into some hills and the REALLY rich all live up there.

        Cool area though, but then it all spreads out and its all housing. I live about a 10 min drive from the down town areas, its a really nice quiet neighbor hood.

      • Cainrin Bookwyrm

        1 year ago

        I definitely wouldn't go back to Florida to live. I really want to go back to Universal, Sea World, and Busch Gardens. Disney if there's time...we used to go to Disney a few times a year (oh the horror, right?), but only been to those others once or twice.

        I bet your Portland would feel so massive! I think our population is around 66,000 last time I heard it mentioned, and we're the biggest city in Maine. You can walk from one end of "downtown" to the other in about an hour, and then it's just residential for a while. Big food town though, my goodness the amount of restaurants is ridiculous!

      • Capt_Crazy25 thedestroyer

        1 year ago

        Never been to Florida, but I hear it is... a train wreck. I was on the east coast for a family trip a long time ago. But we went to DC, then down to west Virginia to visit some family in them there hills... that is a story for another time though.

        You should come on over, it would be a WHOLE different world. Portland OR, is kinda like Austin, really fucking weird. But a really fun place. I do need to visit the east coast at some point in my life, I got a cool friend i should visit in New York at some point.

      • Cainrin Bookwyrm

        1 year ago

        Sadly, I haven't. Originally from south Florida, my family moved to Maine when I was 8 and I'm still here! Farthest west I've been in Arizona, and a few days in Colorado back in high school. Might be kind of dorky, but visiting another Portland would be kind of cool. Have you ever been to New England?

      • Capt_Crazy25 thedestroyer

        1 year ago

        hey! yeah im a native Portlander, basically lived here my whole life. you ever been to the west coast?

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