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    longboarding, shooting guns, working out, geology

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    • siekmang Sean Poole for President

      11 months ago


    • Smergalergin

      1 year ago

      Future AH joke spoiler I'm pretty sure Dirk is made up and is basically an inside joke from the Achievement Hunters.

      • tops132

        1 year ago

        Agreed. Considering they talked about him on the R* Game Night back in May and this account was made in July.

    • kylecarson

      1 year ago

      Aloha to you too.

    • AshleyBren

      1 year ago


    • benjamingau RT NorCal

      1 year ago

      Congrats on the hiring and hope to see more from you soon! smiley0.gifsmiley13.gif

    • Fellhawkslc

      1 year ago

      Welcome to the crew! I look forward to seeing your contributions to this awesome company! Good luck!

    • saiphy

      1 year ago


    • LiveDinosaur

      1 year ago

      I also shoot guns and longboard :)

    • AndyF

      1 year ago

      I'm one of the people who heard your name mentioned and instantly went looking. Not in a weird way, hahah. Congrats on the hire and welcome to the community!

      • benjamingau RT NorCal

        1 year ago

        Same here. Just read Ray's Ask.fm and was wondering who was Dirk smiley6.gif

    • MJJMayor

      1 year ago

      Congratulations on getting hired! smiley0.gif Do you mind if I ask what your job at Achievement Hunter is?

    • zaynmalik

      1 year ago

      Welcome to the Rooster Teeth site, Dirk!

    • ThatOneRoadie Server Engineer

      1 year ago

      Welcome aboard! Long may he reign!

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