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    • Gavino

      Me on drugs

      1 month ago

      I have never been one to dabble with drugs in my life. Probably for good reason.

    • Gavino

      Was wondering this the other day...

      2 months ago

      Who in this community has the most Youtube subscribers? Does anyone know?

    • Gavino

      Today is my 12 year anniversary

      4 months ago

      Of the day I signed up on the original Red vs Blue website.

      I was 14 years old.
      RvB was on episode 5 of season 1
      YouTube didn't exist.
      Halo 2 hadn't come out yet.

      By far the best decision I ever made.

    • Gavino

      7 months ago

      I got this tweeted to me today and it bugged me.

      Here's a snippet "Went to catch Barbara, Burnie and Gavin at a booth/table area only to get them while they were packing up, I went to hand Barbara my hat to be handed down the line so the three could sign it. But Gavin interrupted mid way through me about to get the others attention and "A hat? That's the best thing you brought?" And rolled his eyes while just walking by."

      This story isn't true. It's very odd to defend something that is just entirely made up that everyone has no reason not to believe is true.

      I have never once had a bad interaction with a fan. A dude in Australia slapped me on the arm once which I didn't think was very cool, but to be fair to him, he asked me if he could and I said OK. I just didn't think he'd hit me as hard as he did. I'll admit there have been times where I have been escorted past a bunch of people at RTX who wanted me to sign something or take a picture and i've had to rush by apologising that I can't stop. This I can see as extremely disappointing. This usually happens when I have to move between panels or from a signing to a panel. Either way, I definitely can't be late for a panel or a signing. They are on tight schedules and I would then run the risk of disappointing thousands of people by missing one or arriving late instead of the much fewer who I passed on the way in.

      This story above is just a lie. I would never in a million years insult someone I didn't know and then roll my eyes and walk past. It's also such a weird thing to say. A, our hats are awesome and B, if you came to RTX and didn't buy a single thing, you came all the way to RTX! Why would I be mad that you didn't have a bunch of other merchandise? The fact that that person was even there is pretty much the best support he or she could show.

      I would also like to point out that during RTX 2013, whenever we weren't on a panel, all of Achievement Hunter was in the AH signing area by the minecraft backdrops. When we'd finished working our way through the entire line at the end of the day, there was no one left on the convention floor at all. At this point, I went home. I didn't go to a booth/table with barbara or burnie and I definitely didn't pack anything up.

      I was originally a fan of Red vs Blue. This very profile on this site led me to get a job at the company. Everyone I ever met from RT treated me with a ton of respect when I was a fan. I have only ever treated fans of me (now that I have them) with the exact same respect. I'm sure if you've met me at a convention, we had a lovely time!

      Sure I pride myself on being the irritating prick in videos and generally just having a bit of a cheeky attitude with achievement hunter/podcast, but I assure you I would never be rude to a fan like the story above. If I was, I'm sure this wouldn't be the first time reading a post like this.

    • Gavino

      7 months ago

      I'm damn excited about the new version of this site.

    • Gavino

      Monty Oum

      8 months ago

      It's impossible to explain how unique monty was. He was the most inspiring person to be around.
      The way his mind worked was so fluid and efficient. I was constantly in awe when he would show me snippets of the stuff he'd been working on.

      Before I met him i thought i would find him intimidating in person, but he was instantly the easiest guy to talk to. We bonded immediately over RvB and I loved him ever since. I could never figure out how someone so talented at an art could be so down to earth in person.

      About 18 months ago I was at PAX with him and he knew I liked Meg Turney who was also there. He kept telling me to find her talk to her but I was too scared/shy. Burnie had introduced us at a party a month earlier and it had gone pretty well but I was scared to go talk to her again as I was way more sober this time and was lacking confidence. At some point monty went off to go explore the convention centre and about an hour later, came back with Meg Turney. He said "Hey Gavin, why don't you go for a walk with Meg?' I had a mouthful of sandwich and immediately threw the rest of it down and was like "ah... shit... OK!' We went for a small walk around the convention centre and got to know each other a little better. He threw me in at the deep end and I was so thankful for it. I guess he didn't want me to miss my opportunity. That sums up monty. No messing about. Absolute go-getter.

      He taught me a lot about how valuable time is and how it should never be wasted. No point beating around the bush at anything. Always work towards your goal. This was so visible in his work. Why waste time just reloading a sniper rifle when you can use the recoil to slice an enemy's head off?

      His work was so important to him and he was so proud of it. Another valuable lesson learned. Take pride in what you do. Don't half-ass anything.

      He was the hardest working, kindest, most caring dude I knew. And probably the greatest wingman of all time.
      I owe so much to him. Including the relationship I am in with Meg.

      Monty Oum, I will miss you so much. <3
      : (

    • Gavino

      Compilation video

      9 months ago

      "Hello. My name is Gavin. I am 26 years old and I work at Achievement Hunter. I am planning on making a compilation of the most epic let's play moments of 2014. A lot of these clips I imagine will be from GTA V lets plays so I'm going to start looking through them, but I could still use help. If anyone has time or has recently watched a lets play where something visually amazing happened, please link me to the video with the time code.

      Funny explosions/deaths, lucky/good shots, MLG moments, utter chaos, basically stuff that made us go "whoa!" in any game.

      The moments can be from pretty much anything with live audio commentary. As long as it was posted on either the Rooster Teeth channel or the Let's Play channel in 2014. Let's Play, Vs, Go, Play pals... it's all good.

      Links and Timecodes please. If tons of good stuff happened in the same video, feel free to have multiple timecodes per link.

      Thanks in advance to anyone who helps with this."

    • Gavino

      The Stain

      9 months ago

      On the podcast this week I talked about Dan's Granddad's recliner and how he'd sat in it for so many years that his body had stained the leather. Here is the picture of his disgusting ghostly outline. It's amazing.

    • Gavino

      9 months ago

    • Gavino

      Old issues.

      9 months ago

      A while after I moved to America, I migrated my gamertag from a UK account to a U.S. one. I did this because I couldn't add the Rooster teeth company card to my account because it had a US billing address. This was annoying because I kept having to use my personal account to buy games for work. Microsoft have this weird tool that lets you change account regions on their website. An awesome feature. A while later, my account wouldn't accept any payment information. UK cards and US cards were rejected and I couldn't even add Microsoft points through PayPal.

      I called Microsoft like every month for a few months and they suggested I wait longer. Apparently migration takes up to 90 days. I guess my gamertag was taking the boat over the ocean. After about 6 months of not being able to buy stuff, I called again. This time they didn't tell me to wait longer. Microsoft phone support just started hanging up on me.

      It's like they got to the same point in the phone call every time and then their screen actually told them to hang up on me without any response. It happened like 3 times before I recorded the video of it. Same point in the conversation, they'd read the same bit of text, then hang up without letting me say anything. I was fascinated by the fact their system was telling them to hang up on the customer.

      About 3 months after this last phone call, the problem seemed to fix itself. Migration was complete after 9 months. I never posted this video at the time because I didn't want everyone berating Microsoft on my behalf. Also, when you have a large following, dragging the whole world into your technical issues is lame.

      Anyway, enjoy my frustration. (Just restating, this problem was resolved over a year ago)

      Merry Christmas!

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    • Dra90nL0rd1


      4 days ago

      Last night I had an X Ray and Vav dream. In the dream, it takes place at Monarch Labs where Mogar becomes impatient with the Mad King. Before the Mogar could hurt the Mad King, the Corpirate came through the door, hugging the Mad King and calling him a "Son of a bitch" for regaining Monarch Labs. Mogar, however, didn't necessary trust him.

      Because of this evil trio team up, X Ray and Vav put their differences aside and charge into Monarch Labs, followed by assassins and angry Mad King fans from Episode 7. The dream ended with everyone fighting in a large room.

    • Dra90nL0rd1


      2 weeks ago

      X Ray and Vav Easter Eggs Video I made. Would mean the world if you watched this.

    • theinexcusables


      3 weeks ago

      On podcast 289 (about 22 minutes in) Blaine placed a bet with you that in a year you would keep your phone in your back pocket. The due date of that bet was yesterday.

    • Jaffa38


      4 weeks ago

      So the X-Ray and Vav logo is totally a Pure Pwnage reference, right?

    • user-55e0dc259a075


      1 month ago

      how does your mouth feel, gavin?

    • Ed_Radley


      1 month ago

      Do you know what the fuck this thing is? I found today and I'm half scared it's going to come for me in my sleep.

    • Thundercloudnate


      2 months ago

      I had an awesome idea for "A million dollars but..." Where you get a million dollars but anything you thought you saw in the corner of your eye (an example is if you thought you saw a person standing there in the corner of your eye and if you thought that person was an intruder in you home they would become so) would become real.

    • Kai_Hirogame


      2 months ago

      Your "Dan in the Balloon" vid is currently taking over my Facebook feed because of all of the pages my idiot younger self liked and a hell of a lot of friends of mine have shared it saying "These guys are genius! I want to try this!".

      I now know what Hipsters must go through because I have to constantly fight the urge to say "I've been following these guys since the beginning and I've ALWAYS said that they were genius and now you guys just jump on the bandwagon because of one vid!"

      So... Thanks Gavin, you turned me into a Hipster...

      • Cainrin

        Cainrin Bookwyrm

        2 months ago

        When I saw that trending on FB I was so excited, thinking "I know who those guys are! Been watching their content for a long time!" But I was good and didn't say anything.

    • ScientificDJ


      3 months ago

      Watching the podcast when you realised everyone knew more about paper cups than you, I was reminded of this:

    • GWChupaCabra


      3 months ago


      I heard you were laying in the park and dropped your phone on your nose...too bad we didn't get it in slo-mo