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    • KiltedColin

      Austin Drinkers

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      Okay, i was listening to a few old episodes of the Drunk Tank (I think episode 54) and Gus and Geoff mentioned they once wanted to visit every dive bar in Austin. I feel like there should be a separate feast planned around the bars of Austin, hopefully fulfilling the dreams of Gus and Geoffs favorite passed time. How do y'all feel about this? Do you think logistically it's possible? How many designated drivers would we have to pay off? DISCUSS.

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    • KiltedColin

      LA locals, we need your knowledge!

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      Hey guys, if you've listened to the latest Drunk Tank, you know that Geoff and Jack are going to LA next week and need some great local eateries to visit. This is what we're here for! Let'em know what great places y'all have and where they absolutely have to go before the leave LA. Any suggestions?

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      Foreign Feasts

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      What other cities are there that you feel deserve a tour? List off some of your favorite restaurants here so that anyone that might travel through your neck of the woods knows where to find a nice hot meal. Maybe if we can gather enough in a centralized area we can start non-Austin food tours as well! So lemme know what you got, list your best dish and we'll see who shows up.

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    • KiltedColin

      Rooster Feast, The Drunk Tank Food Tour

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      Have you ever listened to the podcasts and felt increasingly hungry? Like there's a whole venue of fine restaurant you're missing out on? Now's you're chance to try them all, as we march our way across Austin trying each and every one of the eateries mentioned in the Drunk Tank. June 11-13th we will be heading to Austin with a mission, and we need your help. Actually technically it doesn't matter how many people go, but it will be a hell of a lot more fun, and possibly podcast mentionable. Join the group here if you're interested in coming along or hearing second opinions on the aforementioned eateries. We also plan on collecting a list of great local restaurants nation wide to find cool new dives near you! So join the group and join our mission as we relive the lunches of our favorite Machinima developers.

      What other cities would you be interested in having food tours? Any great dives inside and outside of Texas? And is there anyone here in Texas who'd be interested in adding new restaurants to the journey?

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    • KiltedColin

      Some neato art projects

      6 years ago

      Hey guys, in case you didn't know, I'm a graphic design major and I figure this is a great place to showcase a few of the projects I've had in class. Some of the stuff I have to make is pretty fun to do, so I'll post the ones I enjoyed making up here and keep y'all up to date on creations I have in the making. If you have any comments on my work or want me to make anything for you, feel free to let me know. I could always use the practice, so don't be shy =)

      Here's my first go at making a GIF:

      For this one we had to mix and match two animals in a way that made it look sorta kinda realistic:

      And this one isn't really for art class but I sent it in for the photoshop Gus contest and people seemed to like it:

    • KiltedColin

      The Marvel Civil War

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      Ok, so it's an old series but I just recently picked it up again and I was curious as to what every one's thoughts were on the series. Do you like how everything turned out? Even if you were for one side (registration or not), was it interesting to read the other side's stories? Did the series drag on or was it totally worth it to see Captain America and Iron Man duke it out?

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    • KiltedColin

      I hate photo bucket

      6 years ago

      Does anybody know how to make large images for RvB? I can't find an image hosting site that lets me host larger pictures. I might just break it into a few images, but I'm lazy for right now, so any suggestions?

    • KiltedColin

      Z-Day conspiracy theory flow chart

      6 years ago

      While listening to the most recent podcast, the guys mentioned making a flow chart as to why there are 300,000 plastic coffins, so I thought I'd take a crack at it. I don't think they honestly meant for anyone to make one, but I honestly had nothing to do today and thought it would be funny, so here it is:


      And here's the direct link:

      I think it's kind of funny how it looks almost zombie shaped from afar.

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    • Mesk

      3 years ago

      Good afternoon.
      I have a favor to ask.
      If possible, please send me the complete list of the places mentioned in the RT Podcast! I would really like to check it out!
      Thanks in advance!

    • Radius55 Site Admin

      4 years ago

      Well, right about now, I was originally planning to be announcing that tickets for RvB:TX were on sale. Unfortunately, that's not going to be the case. You might have heard that the RT staff has their own event planed for late May. We, the organizers of RvB:TX, don't feel it will be possible to compete with a larger and better organized event, so we're officially canceling our event.

      But all is not lost! We're keeping the group page for two reasons:

      1) RvB:TX will now be a hub for all RT fans in and around Texas. We'll keep people up to date on RT related events in and around Texas, from small meet ups to the RoosterTexas event the staff is planning. If you have not already done so, please watch the group to stay up to date on the news.

      2) We're planning a smaller get together in Austin this winter. It won't be as big as our original plans, but it'll still be a chance for fans to get together and have fun.

      For more details, please see the journal here.

    • Fizz

      5 years ago

      Hello I wanted to let you know the group Rooster Feasts has been put up as an article in the Rooster Teeths Community Content of the Week group.

    • Radius55 Site Admin

      5 years ago

      Friendly Neighborhood RvB:TX Admin here! Just a few updates on the group today:
      1) We officially have 200 members! Sweet! You Guys Rock!

      2) We'd really appreciate it if everyone watches the group and checks the forum every few weeks or so. We post polls and messages on the group and we need YOUR input to make sure that this RvB:TX will be the best yet smiley0.gif . If you already watch the group, thanks a ton! If not, go here and click the watch button. There are also polls concerning likelihood of attendance and optimum ticket price in the group forum.

      3) The event is being tentatively scheduled for next March. Hope to see you there!

      4) We could really use the help of a Web Designer. if you or someone you know could help us get even a bare bones site running, it would be greatly appreciated. However, please note that this will be an act of volunteerism on your part. We'd love to pay you, but we just don't have the money. But isn't being able to say that you designed a site in order to celebrate the greatest Machinima series ever reward enough? If you are still interested, please contact myself, or one of the other group admins.

      5) Keep active in the group. The planning staff is constantly looking for cool ideas for events, and they are the best spot to get yours out there.

      That's all folks! Keep your eyes glued to the screen for further updates.

    • Optimizer Still Here

      5 years ago

      You guys should come down August 4th for the Dionysium at the Drafthouse. I went last night and it was really entertaining. Went to the Highball again afterwards with some of the "cast". Shannon (Agent Washington) was a part of it as well. Cool dude.

    • Optimizer Still Here

      5 years ago

      Sounds like a plan.

    • KiltedColin

      5 years ago

      Haha, that's awesome! It sounds delicious, I'll have to visit that place again sometime this summer, seeing as I'm only a few minutes down I-35. Also, hit me up if you ever wanna try to track down Chi'Lantro! =P

    • Optimizer Still Here

      5 years ago

      I was finally able to go to Lulu B's while they were open today. That sandwich was good! I had a Chinese BBQ sandwich topped with carrots, cucumbers, and avacados. It had a great marinade on it that gave it that nice amount of flavor and heat. I topped it off with a Rose Topo Chico from Hola Aloha. All in all, a great lunch.

    • burnie

      5 years ago

      The pics are:

      Kreuz Market
      Chuy's (featuring best salsa in the world)
      Homeslice Pizza
      Gourdough's Gourmet Donuts
      Casino El Camino Burgers

    • lukemckay Webcomic Maker

      6 years ago

      oh yeah, that's where that is from. It was funny. Comic 500 went through so many changes I forgot that was the final version we used. :P

    • KiltedColin

      6 years ago

      Ah, awesome. Would y'all keep the sweet metal theme or try to go for a new idea? Would y'all do a demo at Lone Star or are y'all not in Arlington anymore?

    • JTrain

      6 years ago

      I don't mind demoing the game for you and your friends sometime. Currently it is being stripped of the Metalocalypse licensed elements and we are in the process of creating new artwork for it so that we can release the game independently.

    • ManiacMidget

      7 years ago


    • ManiacMidget

      8 years ago

      Ok. I'll be your first friend.

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