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    • SmokeScreen4


      4 years ago

      Jebus..It has been 5 years I've been officially signed up on this site. Not that I've been on here really over the past 9 months.


    • SmokeScreen4


      5 years ago

      Oopsie. Half way into the first month of the new year and still no blurb from me.


      So last time I mentioned anything about anything I was playing Modern Warfare 2 online. I have nothing to do in single player anymore as I have found all the intel and beat the single player on Vet mode. Me and a friend destroyed the Spec Ops mission and I find myself sitting at 1000/1000. Least till they release some more Spec ops mission (well we hope there will be new ones).

      I've also played the hell out of Bayonetta. One of the best action games in a long time and it is challenging. Unless you play on the Easy (Automatic) mode.....that mode you can play the game pressing one button. I was actually kicking some butt with one hand and typing a message to a friend with my other. Sad that anyone would need to play with that setting.

      Looking forward to Mass Effect 2 and I should be recieving Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 tomorrow or so for some campaign co-op action with a friend.

      That is all on the gaming front for the next few months. Final Fantasy XIII in March.

      I am excited for the new Clash of the TItans. It stars Sam Worthington who played Jake Sully in Avatar and the terminator in Terminator: Salvation. I like the original Clash of the Titans movie from 1981 and actually have it on DVD. Can't wait to see the updated version.

      Isn't it fun when you discover some music a few years later after the initial release. I discovered a band called Parkway Drive just a few days ago even though they've had a release back in 2006. I've got some catching up to do. If you have to put them into a genre I guess metalcore or something like that. There are far too many labels I don't care about.

      Speaking of music, my friend's brother in law plays drums for a band called Baptized in Blood and they got signed to Roadrunner Records. Sweet. I know a rock star. smiley0.gif

      Anyhoo I leave you with this:

    • SmokeScreen4


      5 years ago

      Merry Christmas to all smiley11.gif


    • SmokeScreen4


      5 years ago

      I need help. I've been playing waaaaaaay too much Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 online since I got 100% in the single player mode. Spec ops will be chipped away eventually (I hope) but nothing beats the thrill of killing humans online.

      My favourite moment online so far has to be starting a nice kill streak of six by stabbing three people before shooting three more. I just wish the opposition would crowd together more often in an open area when I do get a predator missile.

      I just hope I can eventually get my kill ratio back up to at least 1. I started out about 0.56 (Which meant for every death I had, I killed 0.56 of a person...and since it is not 1 it meant I didn't kill that many people) but I've improved it to 0.76 over the past week.

      I smiley12.gif My SCAR-H with Bling Pro (Heart beat sensor + Extended Mag), Cold Blooded (To hide from Thermal scopes and UAVs/AC130) and Ninja Pro (Not showing up on people's heart beat sensor and silent footsteps).

      I lied before right at the beginning of the journal. I don't want help. I could play MW2 forever. If you have a Xbox 360 and Live Gold you should be playing it online now. smiley0.gif

    • SmokeScreen4


      5 years ago

      Le sigh.

      It has been a while hasn't it.

      So as usual no real news. Except I have a job now. I count inventory for a company that does inventory counts for bigger stores like Walmart and Loblaws etc. It is not much but better than nothing for now. It has allowed me to purchase a few games and a new cellphone so wee.

      Playing Dragon Age: Origins and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on the 360 lately.

      That is all. Here, enjoy a picture of dog and cat.


    • SmokeScreen4


      5 years ago


      Yea so yesterday (2 hrs ago) was Roosterteeth and I's 5th anniversary. I can't believe I've been on this site for so long.


      Now if you need me I'll be on the couch.

    • SmokeScreen4


      6 years ago

      Hello boys and girls and those in between or confused.

      It sure has been a while.

      So what is new for me smiley10.gif Not enough that is important. Just a few smaller insignificant items.

      So first up, so much for me hoping for a good fantasy pool season in football. My current roster is slightly different in the WR position but my RBs and QBs are not performing as I need them too. BLAH. smiley3.gif

      So I got NHL 10 and decided to make myself in the Be A Pro mode since I refuse to play the GM mode until the next roster update with rookies like JT are in it. I played the prospects game and got ready to be drafted by a NHL team. There is really one team in the NHL that I really really didn't want to be drafted by. And because God hates me or something I got drafted by the Ottawa Senators. So I played the four games in the NHL before they sent me down to the AHL. Played about 30 games, moved my way up from the 3rd line up to the 1st line before getting called back up to the big club half way into the NHL schedule. Long story short, I'm one game away from helping the team advance to the second round. As we get closer to the Stanley Cup Finals I'll have to see if I really want to win. If that happens than I'll have a hand in letting Ottawa become the first Canadian team win the cup since Montreal. /shudder.

      Still big on following the UFC. People like to joke that it is a gay sport. Due to the grabbing and rolling around on the ground.

      Quick warning: If you are squeamish about blood and deep cuts, do me a favour and don't click the link.
      That is not gay, that is hardcore smiley8.gif

      Anyhoo hope everyone's weekend was good. In case you are wondering about my Saturday my facebook status update when I got home that night (which was really Sunday morning) will fill you in:

      Pizza, beer, gaming, watching D submit people with a Guillotine choke. Saving Greg because he doesn't know how to TAP, boobies. GOOD NIGHT, LONDON

      If you want an explanation all you have to do is ask nice. smiley8.gif

      Please enjoy this dog using his sneaking skills and disguised as a cat.

    • SmokeScreen4

      Please Help

      6 years ago

      Copied directly from VocalDrummer's journal:

      #400: Do What We Do
      Read it, see if you can help out.

      All bullshit and e-drama shenanigans aside, when we can help out real causes for real reasons, we should.

      Whatever you can do, a comment on the myspace, or donations.

    • SmokeScreen4


      6 years ago

      I can't stop watching this video of this guy trying to get some other guy to fight him. Although when it final starts the guy probably regrets it.

      Never start a fight with people who don't want to fight because they can kick your ass hence not wanting to fight you

      I fucking love that video and will watch it a billion times.

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    • lefty


      5 years ago

      I'd say 80% Team DM, 5% Ground War 5% FFA, 3% HC TDM, then the rest would be other tactical stuff.

    • Chergirl949


      5 years ago

      In reply to SmokeScreen4, #2:

      All I read was "Blah blah blah I hate Muppets"

      All I read was "Blad blah blah I'm Canasian. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • Vicki


      5 years ago

      I've done from midway through 3 through almost done with 5 in the last... less than a week. Yeah, cliffhangers are a bitch, especially with this show.

    • Vicki


      5 years ago

      I just started watching Lost a couple of months ago, burnt out midway through season 3, and am trying to finish 5 now before the new season starts. This whole show is a head trip.

    • Chergirl949


      5 years ago

      Happy birthday to you too!!!

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      6 years ago

      Haha. Oh man. I think stuff like that would annoy me too much to even play. Or just amuse the hell out of me. TBD.

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      6 years ago

      I was meaning the car on the bottom right. I appeared to me after seeing all of this it started to drive away.

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      6 years ago

      Hey this is Jen, FadingLight's sister. Thank you for your thoughts. It means a lot. Anything you can do at all helps.

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      6 years ago

      Congrats You are now an Official Admin!