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      Could There Ever Be A Real Cooking Game

      6 years ago

      Not some Cooking Mama, or some crappy knock-off thereof, but a real complex cooking game.

      Some supremely difficult recipes that have to be done in a restaurant setting, that to me couldot only be stressful and exciting...but fun.

      I would bet on Natal having something like that...could be kind of exciting.

    • Sour1000

      Hoping that Bayonetta Is Good

      6 years ago

      I have added Bayonetta to my Gamefly list, as I have heard generally good things about it, but i am still leery about whether or not I will like it.

      Despite the reviews being high, and everyone also saying how over-the-top fun it is, I am still nervous as to the zany nature of the game being a detriment rather than an advantage (at least for me). Especially with Mass Effect 2 coming out soon, my time is going to be more valuable.

      Here is to hoping that it will meet the apparent hype that I am seeing about it...I'm excited.

    • Sour1000

      What I Have Been Missing

      6 years ago

      Up until now, I played World of Warcraft (WoW) mostly through questing. However, recently I have begun to play a new character purely through grinding as well as item collection...and I really like it. I just play through certain zones, explore and kill random creatures and then when my bag is full I go cash out. While I don't level up as quickly, it seems more rewarding for some strange reason.

      I'm sure that there are many people that play this same way, but to me it feels like I am discovering a whole new way to play WoW.

      Yes, i am a nerd...and I really don't care.

    • Sour1000

      I Wonder When...

      6 years ago

      I wonder when gaming, specifically the electronic kind, will become a mainstay of the normal household. Where it is as ubiquitous as watching T.V. or a movie on the couch. I think the Wii (despite my hate for it) has helped make it more approachable, but more still needs to be done.

      And, I don't mean computer/casual games like Bejeweled or something, or cell-phone games...I mean either major console or PC games. I just have this vision of a family sitting down, not to watch the newest episode of Lost or watch the newest movie, but to play through the new Mass Effect or something like that.

      I just hope that this becomes a reality in the near future, and won't remain a pipe dream forever.

    • Sour1000

      Tekken 6 is very confusing...

      6 years ago

      Just is. I just got the game in from Gamefly, and to me, it is pretty damn weird. Especially because the 'campaign' mode plays differently than the whole game in and of fact it is more of a janky, poorly constructed RPG than a well-made fighting game (as the rest of the game is).

      No matter, I am probably going to try and work through the principle modes of play...otherwise I feel that I am not getting my money's worth....(sigh)

      One can say that I am a martyr for awkward games.

    • Sour1000

      How Am I Still Good At This?

      6 years ago

      The title of this post is what I said to myself after getting back into some multiplayer Xbox gaming action.
      Specifically MW2, Gears 2, and Halo 3.

      Not only has it been literally months since playing some of these games, I have been busy playing vastly different games (i.e. Assassin's Creed 2, WoW, etc.). But, I have been doing better than I ever played before. I guess I expected the folks still playing these games, especially in Gears 2 and Halo 3; to be much,much better than me...but I am holding my own. Overall, it makes me pretty happy.

    • Sour1000

      Just In Case You...Y'know...Read

      6 years ago

      As a heads up I just started reading this (seemingly) well done sci-fi series. Most may have already heard of it...or read it, but it is still worth recommending.

      It's called the Saga of Seven Suns and unsurprisingly there are seven books....but it is written by Kevin J. Anderson, who has written about things from Superman to Star Wars, but this seems to be his major work...all seven books are out (the last one being released in 2008). Just wanted to let those that look at my blog and like a good sci-fi book know about this....could be enjoyable.

    • Sour1000

      Modern Warfare 2 glitches...still?

      6 years ago

      So, along with WoW...I have also dived into a couple other games...including MW2. While the game is still pretty fun, it is a bit glitchy still.

      Of course, the issues come not from poor design (the game is still tight and responsive) but from other players screwing around. About 1/10 games has a bug or exploitation being used. Of course...I am going to keep playing, but Infinity Ward and Microsoft still have some work to do.

      I'm glad that I don't work for the MS bug solving sector.

    • Sour1000

      Getting Back Into WoW

      6 years ago

      I haven't played WoW (or World of Warcraft for those not in the know) for a couple of months now...but I figure that I ought to try and see the world before Cataclysm comes later this year.

      I guess I want to see all the sights before they are horribly and horrendously destroyed soon...

      Since I have been absent from WoW, the level of the other people in my guild/on my realm has gone way I decided to create a new character...a priest. I look forward to learning how to heal people and be a good person...or something like that.

      Looks like a long road ahead...

    • Sour1000

      Why Multiplayer Achievements are Bad.

      6 years ago

      No, I don;t mean multiplayer itself, I just mean achievements or trophies that can only be gained by being online or by playing co-op. Now some people will argue that if your Xbox/PS3 is not online at all you aren't even a real gamer, but that is not even the point. The point is this, many games have long, never ending multiplayer achievements that eventually become nearly impossible to get (look at the original Ghost Recon's 'Top of World Leaderboard stuff). As such, for someone like myself (who is OCD to a point where I have a separate offline account dedicated to 100% single-player games) or someone just picking up a game can never get all the achievements, at least not in a timely manner. Single player stuff, while sometimes very hard, is much more doable. Not only can one only face the machine, but there is no time limit on it (as in multiplayer where there is a six month window to get in and play unless it is a big title).

      As such, I am happy to see a resurgence in single-player focused games, and single-player focused achievements, hopefully the trend will continue.

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