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    • UberPoOpiES

      halo 2 bitches

      11 years ago

      oh. hi everyone.
      o geez...ive been gone for so long.....aaaaaaah.
      and i dont have much to say right now/too lazy.
      so heres a comic for your hungry GREEDY little eyes that deserve to be ripped out...


      it's funny because it's true.

    • UberPoOpiES


      11 years ago

      mmm.....low fat blueberry muffin goodness.
      yeah ok so i havent written in a while...i've just been so lazy. i havent been doing ANYTHING lately that i'm supposed to.....
      here's a comic for your brain to eat and grow from and then grow up to be a serial killer but then you'll be all like..."aaaaw...that's ma boy/girl!"

      ...come on....you can't honestly tell me you never wanted to do somethin like that to that guy.


    • UberPoOpiES


      11 years ago

      hello world!
      sorry for my absence...ive been back home in milwaukee for the past few days...and sorta didnt have much time to go on the internet there or have easy access er wahatever.

      BUT HEY! i bring goodness! look at this...it's funny because it's true ~~~~~>


      oh yes..yes indeed.

      how come i keep cutting my finger and i dont know why or how? and it's the same one too. it just starts to tingle and then i look down and notice a nice slice in it. now there are two slices on the same one...AND I DONT KNOW WHYYYY!
      maybe it's the nazis.
      they are stealing my blood. WELL I WANT IT BACK!

      did u know onions are just as poisonous to dogs as baker's chocolate is? and yes, it is BAKERS chocolate that is bad for them...not so much milk chocolate...but yes...if you want to continue to feed your dog chocolate, FINE, go ahead...aid in your dog's quest for obesity...

      america...not only are the people really fat...so are our dogs.

    • UberPoOpiES


      11 years ago

      HO-LY CRAP....

      ok...so i was inside the agricultural engineering building...just getting out of class...and then i heard what sounded like about a million geese. i thought i was going crazy...so i proceeded to walk outside.

      "OH MY GOOOOOSH!!...geese....EVERYWHERE!
      holy crap.....they were flying in HOARDS. i was just waiting to get pooped on.
      it was like some off-beat rip-off Hitchcock "Birds" movie.

      and for some strange reason...i feel like playing Duck Hunt now.
      i could never get that dog though...i tried and tried...but i just couldnt put a bullet through his happy little head.

      OH...i mean.....
      aw crap...here comes PETA again.

      son of a bitch.

    • UberPoOpiES

      oh horrible day of misery and GLOOM

      11 years ago

      i'm so bored right now. this whole weekend is going to be a weekend of sheer and UTTER BOREDOM AND MISERY.....
      why, anna? why might you ask.... because im stuck here at college 5 hours away from home in milwaukee...away from my friends and my boyfriend most importantly...i usually make it home or he comes up here. and my roommate is gone. so im left here alone to ROT in misery and grief.

      but anyways....sorry needed to vent...
      but anyways...
      you know how in some hotels they fold the frickin toilet paper a special way so that it's pointed and looks all neat and crap?...well i decided to amuse myself and possibly someone else by doing that to the toilet paper in the girls bathroom on my floor of the residence hall.
      and next....i shall conquer the world.

      you know what is really fun to think about?...you know those ball pits in say chuck e cheese er somethin? well imagine a BUNNY pit....FULL of bunnies!
      and then you jump into the bunny pit...and you SWIM in the bunny pit.


    • UberPoOpiES

      what the pope??

      11 years ago

      hmmm...why does the mini hallway of my residence hall always smell like something different. every day. seriously....and never a good smell either.
      the other day it was wet dog and sweaty jock strap.
      today it's cat piss and mildew.
      what's going on??
      is it bad when your art teacher asks you to think of an artist and the first one to pop in your head is 'Hitler'?
      holy cannoli..i have to go poopy.
      and then type up my art review.

      ......le sigh.
      fair thee well, all. i must away.

      Quote of the day:"Also...it is broken."

    • UberPoOpiES


      11 years ago

      hello inferior beings.
      oh sorry...i was just talking to the exponentially-developing population of fruit flies harvesting themselves in side the dead bunny carcass in the corner of my dark dark little room.
      fruit flies don't have a very long life span...one day, is it?...thats horribly depressing. im gonna have to spend so much on funeral services.
      hearses are sexy. i want one. like the one in my pictures area-thingy. .::drooling::.

      but hey guess what?? i learned how to hypnotize a chicken today in my animal science lab class.
      all u gotts to do is hold a skinny sort of rod in between their eyeses and they'll stay fixated on it until they plop over...HAHAHAHAHAHA FOOOOLS!!!!

      now i can plan my plan of immense DOOM on the chicken population.
      la vita e bella.

    • UberPoOpiES

      giggity giggity

      11 years ago

      rama lama ding dong.
      why is everybody else naked?

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    • XxViciousxX

      11 years ago

      I just wanted to leave a comment saying:

      I love your name. It definitely made me laugh for a good hour. LMAO.


      11 years ago

      How's gose the saving the world business?

    • MasterThief

      11 years ago


    • Poppingseed

      11 years ago

      yadda yadda yadda = sex?

    • MagusX303

      11 years ago

      dude u should totally check out www.tommyvsmike.com its a great forum site a friend and i made and we need ppl to sign up to keep it alive!

    • AppleTamer

      11 years ago

      UberPoOpiES and I made novelty lamps. There wasn't much of a market for them, espically because the pratical joke was for the light bulb to explode when turned on, hence sending shards of glass in the face of the "lamp-user". It was the best years of my life.

    • Paulrus

      11 years ago

      Be logged in when season three is released, lets see how many people we can get online at that time. Spread the word, ps. it is getting released either between 8am - 10 am, or 8pm - 10pm eastern on monday, cant remember which it was, so just sign in between those times

    • Gobeler

      11 years ago

      Love the avatar! Funny and appropriate for the time frame! Another Cartoon Network fanatic like myself.!

    • i_like_me

      11 years ago

      YES! A Fraggle Rock fan! An unbeatable kid's show - I still can't get enough of it!

    • SuperChief

      11 years ago

      GO TEAM VENTURE because of the meatwad and the carl and the frylock and everybody else like DORA THE EXPLORER

    • Old_Dirty

      11 years ago

      Dude, you are a fuckin loon. I love it.

      "Tucker did it!"

    • lefty

      11 years ago

      Man... that's kind of nasty....

      Um, hello PooPs!

    • UberPoOpiES

      11 years ago

      hmmm....sounds like fun....i will definetly have to try that sometime.
      how about making them a suit of duct tape? that'd be cool
      the chicken would be all like...."yo thxn for the duct tape suit" and id be all like "ur welcome u little cock bite"

    • FinalKnight

      11 years ago

      Ever punt a chicken? It can be entertaining.

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