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    • Wolf_Kei


      6 years ago

      STUPID WORK!! I can never ever get on here anymore. I promise and I promise. But no...Anyway I wont get into work. TO long. Do my normal awesome jazz as always. Oh and btw apparently Awesome is my new word. It has replaced EEEEEE...
      Well thats not totaly true :P

      Pondering Moment
      A company in Taiwan makes dinnerware out of wheat, so you can eat your plate.
      So you mean you werent suppose to eat the plate....oh well

      SO apparently while I was gone, I was the Featured User. Who knew.....
      Ok first I will start with reviews. Because we all knew that May was a big movie month. I wont get into long details...
      I am still unsure if I liked it or not. It was meh. It was REALLY good until Gambit came onto the screen. Like and BELIEVE me hes my favorite x-men. But ya sure still go see it. I wont go any farther than that.
      If you havent seen it, you are dead to me. It was FREAKING AWESOME. No joke. I loved it. I was so impressed. The actors, holy crap, almost identical to the characters in the original. Very Well Done
      If you have read the book....DONT see the movie..Seriously. I'll stop unless you want me to rant for about 3 hours.
      Another one I cant decide if I like. It was good and a good movie to go see. But there was just things in it...I dunno.
      One thing I will say...Is John Conner suppose to slip in and out of the Batman voice!?!?!

      And I am sure you all heard it from ElunaNuv but Comicon was at the end of april (it beens that long since I was on here. *sigh* Anyway here is some of the picture I got.
      100_1667.jpg 100_1668.jpg
      Both done by Karl Wolfe. I think they are fantastic.
      I met the voice of Rhino from Bolt and he drew me this. I LOVE RHINO. I might have EEEEEE'd when I met him. And he called me his favorite fan!! Tee Hee
      I also got to meet Ando from Heroes. And I might have got to hug him. Hes actually a really nice guy!!

      I think that all I can bare to share at the moment.
      One other thing I think I will say, oh hell I will say it.
      I think I might be falling for someone. I really forgot what that was like...
      more later!!

      I missed you all!
      Kisses All!!

      -Wolf_Kei out

    • Wolf_Kei


      6 years ago

      OMG OMG, I finally have a day off. I am going to be able to come on here again....
      Miss you ALL
      One more day of work and I am off for 2 days. Seriously havent had a day off in 3 weeks!
      Catch up with everyone

      Wolf_Kei out

    • Wolf_Kei

      NEW THINGS!!

      6 years ago

      Hello all it has been a while since I was on here. Been busy at work with the new store and all. Nothing really new about the store. Lots of drama but really its just the same s*** different pile. Still trying to get use to the manager. She can be alot to handle. But I do have some EXCELLENT News to share. But of course.....

      Pondering Moment
      Butterflies taste with their feet
      Now I know alot about my critters but that I didnt know!

      Ok guess i should get on with the news!!
      First a quick update yes I did go see Watchmen midnight showing and I LOVED it. Seen it 5 times now.
      I know i know they changed the ending alittle but come on it wasnt that bad. They could have destroyed it alot worse.
      And I learned (after seeing twilight) to not base the movie off the book. In a manner of speaking of course.
      But still LOVE LOVE LOVED IT
      ANd I have no idea why but after seeing it the second time I think i love Ozy Mandias.
      But I still love my Nite Owl
      And Whose Live Anyway! AWESOME! Ryan Stiles is my god. That is all i can say!

      Ok on OTHER super exciting notes. I got me a new cell phone.
      Now ever since blackberrys came out i swear against them. (wow just like WOW isnt that weird)
      And guess what my new phone is. Thats right a brand spanking new blackberry.
      And it is Shiny SHINY Red!!
      And i love it. I can finally have my OWN ringtones
      Its so shiny. So for those of you that have my cell dont worry i will be txting you my new number. Just gotta give me time. I have alot of numbers to transfer from my old phone.

      ANd I guess the biggest news for me anyway. I might have got a new pet. And by might I mean did.
      I got me a snake!!
      And I love him hes sooo cute. Yes i think snakes are cute. I have always wanted a snake. And after this paycheck i actually had enough to buy one so I said the hell with it I want one. And I got one.
      Now still working on a name. But I think I have setted with Archer. Dont know why I chose that but i did. Anyone has any other ideas i am open.
      Heres some pictures. If you dont like snakes im sorry but dont worry they arent bad. Hes just resting!!
      File does not exist.
      I LOVE HIM!
      SO happy I am. And my cat hasnt eaten him yet so *thumbs up*

      BUt sorry kids gotta run. Going to the midnight release of Twilight. So got to go get me my copy.
      More updates soon. Tootles All!!!
      Wolf_Kei out

    • Wolf_Kei

      New Store = New Hell

      6 years ago

      So not really sure what I think of the new store. The first 3 shifts were crap. And to be honest after the 3rd one I went home and balled my eyes out.
      But today was my 4th shift and it was actually pretty decent but I think my old store manager had something to do with it.
      See Lana (old store manager) we never really well liked each other. We just did our job and went on living. But when I left. We had a good talk and it turns out I actually like this woman. Anyway ever since the transfer we have pretty much talked every day on the phone. And yesterday I had the day off and we went for coffee.
      And I told her how I was feeling. Long story short the move is alot harder than I thought it was going to be. Just feel so out of place I guess!
      We talked and I felt alittle better. And after today it was an ok day. So hopefully it will stay that way.
      There is ALOT of work that needs to be done. But one step at a time right!?

      Pondering Moment

      Ok on another note. I have got like 3 stand-up shows to go to this year. And this is just so far. So Freaking excited!
      In a week or two going to see Whose Live Anyway?
      Ryan Stiles YAYAYAY! He is one of my top favorite of course. Besides Colin
      And YAY for Greg!

      Then in May going to see John Pinette
      Freaking HILARIOUS

      Then then in June going to see Mister Russell Peters
      Another Funny funny MAN

      But one of the BEST things of all (other then the whose line thing)
      Might.....and by might I mean Did

      WOw its been a LONG time since I have done that. Feels good.
      But enough of that. THIS girl needs food. So thats all for me for now

      Wolf_Kei out

    • Wolf_Kei

      Short and Sweet

      6 years ago

      Keeping this very very short today.
      Friday was my last day at my old store. It was ok. Leaving was alittle bit tougher than I thought it was going to be.
      But today is the first day at the new store.
      Time to put on the fake smile and be nice.
      Its really hard!! Haha

      Oh but before I go. Started watching this show called True Blood of course another show about vampires.
      I am actually very VERY impressed with it. But of course it is on of those where keeping an open mind would be best. Ok now off to work.

      Wolf_Kei out

    • Wolf_Kei

      Excitment!!....PT 2

      6 years ago

      CLICK ME
      It is like AMAZING!!!!

      Alright just had to get that out. Sorry took so long for this one. Had a busy week. Nothing to exciting 4 more days at this store and then I am offically starting at the new store. Other then that nothing to exciting. Although I did get a date because I am a geek. Long story short I went into tim hortons for a coffee. Say this guy reading Breaking Dawn and out of nowhere was like Hey are you liking that. We started talking and I got myself a date. Thought it was funny!
      Anywho So some of the movies I had one my watch list I have seen so Ill go through those and then add more movies I want to see this year!!!!

      Pondering Moment
      Most dust particiles in your house come from dead skin
      Um eeewwwwww

      Guess I will start with Push.
      Was one of the movies on my list but didnt have time to talk about it but i saw it
      It was VERY well written. The fight scenes were amazing and actually Dakota Fanning did a Great job. I actually liked her in this movie.
      All in all not a typical hollywood movie which is why I think i loved it.
      Truly a MUST SEE

      OMG It was so good. Perfect way to continue with the series.
      In case anyone who is asking it is a mix of the first 4 movies.
      I think one of the best parts is the opening sequence its like 20 MINS long. Before the movie title even comes on the screen.
      It was just pure mind boggling awesomeness. THATS RIGHT. Not to much blood and gore for those of you that do like horrors but not that side of it.
      And another added to my TO BUY on first day it comes out list!
      Loved it!

      Alright so now more looking forward too movies
      Star Trek!!
      Like of COURSE
      Who wouldn't want to see this. Dont answer that! Plz

      X-Men Origins: Wolverine
      Again to i HAVE to explain myself on this one!

      Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

      And the girl in me
      Fired Up!
      Honestly I have no idea why I want to see this. Some weird part of me really wants to though. Dont Ask Makes me thing of Bring it On I think

      Thats all for me for now
      Until Next Time
      Wolf_Kei out


    • Wolf_Kei

      Excitment!!.......Pt. 1

      6 years ago

      I can't even explain

      Pondering Moment
      If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle; if the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died as a result of wounds received in battle; if the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural cause.

      Well I have got some good news and some bad news....well not really bad news just all good things.

      I guess I shall first talk about Whose Line! Now for those of you that have been friends with me from the start know that Whose Line is it Anyway!? is one of my all time favorite shows. And Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie are by far my heroes of all time! Anywho I have been watching Whose Line so much recently its not even funny. Well it still is. But I found this video of Colin Moments. Pure Hilarious. A PURE MUST SEE
      SO for those of you that like Whose Line a good watch indeed.....

      On a few other notes. The 09' looking forwards too??
      Transformers 2
      Here is the trailer! Click Me
      And OMG RAVAGE IS IN IT! By far one of my favorite decepticons!
      I watched this trailers and was squealing at 2 am in the morning.

      GI Joe: Rise of Cobra
      Heres the Trailer! Click Me
      I am very very impressed with the trailers. And of course for all the girls Channing is just pure Yummy! (Top left corner)

      Friday the 13th
      Being again a big fan of horrors. And seeing all the Friday the 13ths.
      The new one looks fan-freaking-tastic.
      Myself and Queenie have already booked off work to see the premiere!

      The Watchmen
      Do I really need to say anything more
      New Trailer and by far My favroite!

      Fast and Furious 4
      The Original Boys are back. The only reason I want to see it. Because I loved the first one!

      Well thats all I can fit on one journal. From a day from now I shall talk about more Wants to see of 09'
      Until next time

      Wolf_Kei out

    • Wolf_Kei

      Pondering is back.....

      6 years ago

      Pondering Moment
      Every time you sneeze some of your brain cells die.

      Thats right ladies and gentlfolk the pondering moment is back. I missed it. Not sure if this one is true or not but i thought it was interesting none the less.
      So got a few lyrics that I have been thinking about. Means alot to me at this moment in my life

      One night when i was asleep
      I had a dream i could fly
      I felt the cold on my skin
      Then i open my eyes
      So i jumped out of bed
      Went down the fire escape
      Now i'm laid out on the street
      I wasn't runnin away
      From something i could control
      It was inside of me
      I didn't know where to go
      But i decided to leave
      I still remember that night
      I've never been the same
      Still wonder if i could fly
      Was it just a dream

      I was unhappy for so long
      So many times i walked away
      Think i was searching for something
      Not knowing what i had to face
      Untill i found out the reason
      That's when i made my great escape
      But now it's to late say.............i'm sorry

      "Great Escape"
      -Kevin Rudolf

      Actually a really good song. And was alittle iffy about him when i heard his song on the radio. But i downloaded his album and its actually pretty good.
      so just a few updates and such.
      Life is still well meh to be honest. Still trying to work some stuff out. I think I have gotten a few things off my chest.
      But WORK drama.

      So it looks like after all the work stuff I have been going through. My store manager Lana calls me to the office.
      ANd says sit down right away I am like uh oh!
      It looks like the transfer list came in for the new year and I am one of the people moving to another store.
      As of Feb. 22 I shall be working at Store 33. Was working in 32 so I just laugh when i put those too together.
      I am not really sure how I feel about this at the moment. Like i knew that I wasnt going to stay there forever. And its always good to go to a new store. So I guess I am happy but at the same time. Its hard because I am just starting to feel comfortable in the store I am in. And of course yes my best friend Queenie is there.
      But after that another one of the supervisors that I work with. Her name is Sue as well as the DMGM (Department Manager of General Merchandise) who is the man i directly answer too. He Bob. Turns out that they are also getting transfered and they are going to the same store I am.
      So thats good. Because we already know each other and have a good time. Plus we all have the same working styles. So we shall see what happens. Shall keep everyone posted. For whoever reads this anyway.

      Just started Series (Season 2) of Torchwood still in love with this show. There was one episode in season 1 that I did not like. I actually stopped watching it for a while because of this ep. But all is good now

      the new season of Heroes starts tomorrow... YAY

      Side Note: The Calgary Comic Expo in Calgary near the end of april this year. Ando from heroes will be a guest. Hurray!!!!
      And Ray Park is returning.... YIPPIE

      Just because I love this picture....

      All for me for now...
      Until next we meet.
      Wolf_Kei out


    • Wolf_Kei

      Every War has a Beginning.....

      6 years ago

      And every war should hopefully have an end...but before we get to that.
      Everything is going pretty well. I havent done alot but I got 4 days to do that. My manager gave me 4 days off from work to calm down and well do what i am doing. Nothing what so ever. Been playing VGs, reading and went to the bar last night and got into a dance war! Not a pretty site let me tell you. I cant feel my legs today because of it. But what i did come on here to talk about was.......

      Went to see this friday night.
      I LOVED IT.
      Like seriously is was so good. Now I guess you have to like the First two to understand the 3rd one. Like in how good it was I mean. Like yes it was origins and you already know whats going to happen. But seriously I really liked it.
      And I wont spoil anything but the way they ended it was Oh My Goodness Awesome!
      Like And yes I didnt see many good reviews on it. But all the reviews that I did read. THey didnt even like the first 2. SO i think it was kind of clear that they were going to like this one. Anywho. So I have to give props to Rhona Mitra who played Sonja. SHe did an excellent job. And holy crap the resemblance from her to Kate Beckinsale who played Selene in the first two. Seriously uncanny. They couldnt have picked a better match. And of course Bill Nighy as Viktor did an awesome job. Well hello it is Bill Nighy after all!
      But seriously I am such a big fan of the first 2 that I knew I was going to love it. ANd I do. SO if you want to see it. I suggest that you do. You shall enjoy it. Muchly.

      On a side note
      OMG Street Fighter. Seriously you have no idea how excited I am for this. And of course Friday the 13th.
      Trailer for Street Fight

      And on another side note Justice League of America (Live-action) Film to come out in 2010. I dont think I have enough in me to geek out about this one right now!
      I think that is all for me for the moment until next time!

      Wolf_Kei out

    • Wolf_Kei

      Feeling better....

      6 years ago

      So I think i am finally making things pick up. Thanks to the help of some friends and everyone on here who have been so helpful.
      The past week has been kind of interesting. Friends in calgary have been trying so hard to keep me distracted that well it didnt work. But thinking aback today kind of did.
      Honestly it all started yesterday. I went to work. All was as good as it could be. Talked to my manager Lana. Who i was never really the biggest fan off. But she has been slowing making my good list. But she is really worried about me and im not use to that. Anyway so i go down onto the floor. And a whole punch happens in like half an hour. I get paged like 6 times. A rep comes in to see me. A theft happens. Like goodness. Then everything stopped and i walked down an aisle to talk to one of my co-workers Connie. And just out of nowhere i tumbled to the ground and just started crying. Connie runs over and hugs me. Gives me a cancer stick and says go sit outside for a bit. So i did. Kept crying but slowly i calmed myself. On the way back in I felt the tears coming back. SO i talked to connie again. And she said go talk to lana and just say your not feeling well and go home. SO i was good going upstairs. I sat across from lana and was like Lana mind if i go home im not feeling well. And just out of nowhere the tears started again.
      Lana was really well good. Calmed me down. Said what i need to hear and was like its ok just go home. Now i had today off and i told her yesterday that i would come in today for going home yesterday. And she said no no its your day off take the day. So i went home. Sat on my bed while i watched whose line and just thought about everything. Eventually passed out. When i got up i promised Terry i would go over and work on his computer while he was at work because he broke it! Anyway while i was thinking. I realized that one reason why i was letting everything build up so much was because I had to many distractions. With Gina and Curtis leaving last sat. They kind of keep me calm and so i didnt think about anything while i was at home. But now that they are gone. Its really like nothing is stopping me.

      So when i went over to Terrys. The guy that i had been talking about is Terrys roommate. So before i started on Terrys computer i said screw it and sat down with him. We had a super long conversation. A good 2 hours. And yes we did end up breaking up in the end. But we both figured that it would be for the best while we figure things out. But it was a good break-up we are still friends and thats what i wanted. And just with that little weight off my mind. Theres more then one i know but still. Then fixed Terrys computer. He got home we talked. Then ate ice cream. Then i passed out again. Wake up this morning i admit not feeling alot better. But i am still feeling better! And that better then no change right!

      So now thats im all done talking I think its time to go back to ranting about VGs and shiny things. Thats actually when i think about them now i actually get alittle happy!
      So I guess ill start with I saw My Bloody Valentine 3D

      Which actually I REALLY liked. And Terry took me and it was his first 3D movie. But after the movie he kind of said that other then the stuff that actually pops out at you 3D is really no different. Which i dont agree with. Maybe just my VG eyes and notice silly things. But when i go see 3D to me everything is different. Like for instance just when someone is standing there talking, i dunno its just like you can really see the back ground. Anyway thats just me. And the movie has Jensen Ackles so how can you go wrong!!
      Then the night before last while we were trying to fix Terrys computer and no go. Anyway we watched Mirrors.
      Terry and myself enjoy horrors alittle to much. Anyway i thought the beginning was good and then it just went down hill. Like i dont want to spoil anything for anyone. But if you have seen Boogeyman. The first half was great then you see the creature and your like well this kinda sucks. Mirrors same thing. Then not sure if the theatrical version is different but we watched the unrated. The ending makes no sense. Technically anyway. Like yes it was neat but it just technically wouldnt happen by the way the movie was going so anyway. Mirrors was Meh.

      Oh oh got myself a few new toys. First got a Keyboard and mouse. And they are so shiny. And everyone knows that by video games rules if its shiny ITS IMPORTANT! Anyway its called the Sidewinder
      And it glows shiny shiny red which totaly goes with my chair and my computer. THis keyboard is built for gamng. THe number pad can be moved to either side. And macros like OMG. Its just cool. And its makes WoW just that more fun to play.

      Also got me a few new games to keep me entertained.
      First Mirrors Edge
      I actually really like it. The game play is quite interesting and fun. The story is interesting. Havent beat it yet. But when i do i shall give my rating but so far very impressed!

      I think thats all for me. Cant type anymore it wont let me. But i Have got today off and just spending it thinking while blasting Basshunter in my ears. Love his music. But still got some problems to solve. But will solve one at a time! While my mind is on whose line!
      Until i return Wolf_Kei out

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      It says.. the last time you came on here was TWO YEARS AGO! I'm at lvl 48, I've surpassed you.. and the site has changed majorly.. so if you ever see this.. arg the new site style, but cooome back ;___; I'm going to have children or something by the time you log back in o.O

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      Merry Christmas

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      HAPPY FU DAY!!!

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      Well, it seems official now.
      You've left us ;_;
      Oh well, gots to move on then

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      Hey Kayla!

      Nice to see you're still kickin' around.

      Hope all is well, just wanted to let you know about an upcoming event that Jonathan and I are hosting.

      It's a LAN Party / RvB event. Come check it out :)


      From the team that brought you "Red vs Blue Calgary" comes a new and exciting project...

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      Congrats on being FU.

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      Way to be FU.

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      When you get back, I hope you like all your alerts from being FU. Congrats.

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