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      6 Months

      2 days ago

      Nearly 4 years ago, while playing in an ultimate frisbee tournament in Arizona, I dove to make a play on a disc during the finals. The result of the bid (or layout as we call them), was a huge whiff (missed the defensive block) and a torn labrum in my right shoulder.

      As the injury was to my right shoulder (I'm a lefty), I put off the surgery that was required to repair the damage as the recovery for the procedure was 6+ months. For someone who lives and breathes through exercise, 6 months off was not acceptable. The result of this decision, has been over 30 shoulder dislocations (the labrum is the tissue that helps keep your shoulder in place).

      As uncomfortable as it is for your shoulder to leave its socket, I've found I have a high tolerance for pain, so the dislocations never bothered me. Normally I would just pop it back into place and keep playing. This strategy worked up until this summer, where twice I was forced to go to the ER as my shoulder would not go back into place. One of these events led me to miss an entire tournament in Colorado. For the first time ever, my injury affected my ability to perform for my team. I let them down.

      The frustration of letting down my team coupled with the constant ache I now have in my shoulder has pushed me to do what I should should have done in January of 2012, surgery. This Friday (October 9th), I'm finally fixing a 4 year issue. It will require 4 days of pure bedrest, 6-8 weeks in a sling with little to no exercise (might get some stationary bike action), months of physical therapy, and roughly 6 months away from the sport I love.

      I'd be lying if I said I wasn't afraid. What if my shoulder doesn't heal properly? What if I'm never 100% again? How will I relieve stress without my normal outlet? There are many more questions I have about the mental and physical aspects of recovery. It will be difficult, but I know my fiancé, friends, family, and teammates will be there for me. With their help, I'm confident I'll crush this recovery period and come out stronger!


    • caleb Community Manager

      USA Ultimate Nationals 2015 in Frisco, TX

      1 week ago

      My team qualified for Nationals again. If you are in the Dallas area, come watch. If not, hopefully you have ESPN 3 and my team makes semi finals and finals!

      Quick preview of Ultimate:

      Event location:

      FC Dallas Toyota Soccer Center

      Frisco, TX 75034

      Ways to follow the action:

      Official hashtag: #NationalsTX

      Official Twitter:

      USA Ultimate Twitter:

      Austin Doublewide's (my team) Twitter:

      Pools and seedings:


      Streaming information:


      ESPN 3:

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      Video Thumbnails

      1 week ago

      Starting this week we will be making a couple changes to our thumbnail format to unify the style across all channels so it's easier for you all to find our content!






    • caleb Community Manager

      1 week ago

    • caleb Community Manager

      Special Week of Let's Plays

      1 month ago

      Monday brings a special week of Let's Plays from Achievement Hunter. Due to a surprising love of getting scared shitless, Geoff and company decided to release one episode of the game, Until Dawn, each day until they either fail horribly, or limp their way to success. How many parts will it be? No one knows...


    • caleb Community Manager

      A little help with Fails of the Weak

      1 month ago

      I could use some assistance. If you are someone who enjoys (or in the past, enjoyed) Fails of the Weak, could you leave a comment referencing your favorite episode and your favorite moment from that episode (please include time stamp). Looking for clips from any and all episodes.


    • caleb Community Manager

      Colorado Bound

      2 months ago

      This weekend my ultimate team (Doublewide) will be playing in a tournament at Aurora Sports Park (19300 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80011). We have 3 game on Saturday (10am, 12pm, and 2pm) with the possibility of a 4th game at 4pm. We will have 3 games on Sunday (most likely 8am, 10am, and 12pm).

      If you are in the area, feel free to come out and watch a game or two. It's free to attend and I'm happy to say hello in between games! I've included a link to the event page (I play in the men's division). All the information is somewhere in there.

      After the tournament I'll be making a quick trip to Wisconsin to take engagement photos and then returning back to Austin just in time for RTX.

      Who am I going to see this weekend? Who will I be seeing at RTX?

    • caleb Community Manager

      I have nothing to say

      2 months ago

      Since I have nothing to say, you should leave a comment and ask me a question or tell me something interesting about yourself. Pretty please?

    • caleb Community Manager

      Win a Smite Founder's Pack Code

      3 months ago

      With Smite going Open Beta on the Xbox One, Hi-Rez was kind enough to send some Smite Founder's Pack Codes to us. If you want to win one, here is what you need to do:

      Step 1) Subscribe to the new channel (please)
      Step 2) Share your favorite AH moment (from a video, meeting us, etc) in the comment section below
      Step 3) Wait patiently (or impatiently)

      Four random submissions will be selected tomorrow at 3pm Central time. Codes will be sent in a message on this website.

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      Life is hard

      3 months ago

      Yesterday I lost a friend to some really unfortunate circumstances. Somehow down his path, he got lost and never found his way back. It's been a lot to process.

      Sometimes good people do bad things. Some people choose to focus on the bad. Today I choose to remember who he was, remember the great memories we formed together, and the kindness he shared when I moved to Austin.

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    • drNob

      drNob Mr. Dr. Professor Smith

      2 hours ago

      Hey Caleb, I was gonna write something to you right after RTX, but never did. Since its your birthday and you just wrote that journal about your injury and frisbee, I thought now would be a good time to do it. Its not a big deal, but I want to tell you so I will.

      Basically, I went to RTX with lots of excitement, and I had a amazing time. All the panels were hilarious, seeing places in Austin from the podcast was kind of surreal, and watching AH play on the live stage was unforgettable. However, for me, by far, the best part was getting to meet, even if in small, short interactions, people I have come to really enjoy. I met Bruce and Adam (from FunHaus) at the K1 event, and that was incredible-- even though it was about 30 seconds, it felt like I was meeting friends I had known for a while, but had never actually met. It was great, Bruce said "it was great meeting you", I told him "it was alright, not great", and he and Adam called me a "nerd!"- I thought about that moment all night.

      I didn't really get to meet, in person I mean, any other people during the weekend which stunk, but its completely understandable--the ratio of fans to staff isn't great. However, Sunday night, as RTX came to a close, I heard about a bar that was going to be open to all attendees. I went and waited on line.

      As I got closer to the entrance I saw YOU playing charades, a great game btw, through the window with other fans on line. I watched in excitement before joining in myself as I played, in awe, with this person I had never met and yet admired. I finally guessed "fantastic four", and the line had moved up, but I sort of just wanted to wait in that spot for a while, just playing that game with you and your brother. As many RT people have said, some of the draw of Rooster Teeth's content is that it feels like your playing games, hanging out with your friends, and I got to actually do this, which was the very best part of RTX for me. Playing charades for 45 seconds was worth the plane ticket, RTX bade, hotel fee, Uber rides, etc.

      So, whats my point. My point is Thank You, Caleb for being so relaxed and friendly to do that and take some time out of the night to befriend some fans. It was awesome, you were awesome, and I felt like we were just hanging out, as if we had done it many times before. Just, thanks for being so cool and know that it is much appreciated. RTX is described as a time for the staff to say thanks to the fans, but it is just as much a chance for the fans to show the staff how much we appreciate all of you and the content! :)

    • SDurkee


      1 week ago

      Caleb! Is it possible to get an approval on the Bungie group for Destiny?

    • Kiwi

      Kiwi Guardian Alum

      1 month ago

      I remember one of the Achievement Hunters is a big fan of Hitman - how about owning the pistol props from the movie?!

    • Marduk


      2 months ago

      Hey, Caleb. Sorry about the Ping Pong joke today at Buffalo Billiards. I only joke because I am jealous of your Frisbee prowess.

    • Giries

      Giries RoosterSpeak

      3 months ago

      Heh, heh.

      Back to a lowly Forum Moderator eh, Caleb? XD

      @Hoorah, aren't you supposed to haze the new members to your flock or something?

      • Hoorah

        Hoorah Davesexual

        3 months ago

        I would, but right now I'm just a sponsor on here. Still not as cool as Caleb (someday a sadface smiley will go here, and I will call it "unsmiley")

    • Dopp

      Dopp ROLL TIDE

      3 months ago


      You glorious bastard.

      I miss your face.

    • newbieshwa


      3 months ago

      Congrats on making Doublewide!

    • FableRunner4


      4 months ago

      Hey Caleb! Will you be hosting another Ultimate Frisbee gathering at RTX this year? My group and I would love to attend again!

    • Weepa


      4 months ago

      It was dope how Geoff gave you a shout out on AHWU.

    • evildeath67


      4 months ago