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    • djedgar


      3 years ago

      I going to see the Smashing Pumpkins tonight. I've never seen then in concert before so I'm pretty excited. But besides Billy Corgan, are there any other original members left?

    • djedgar

      Dark Knight Rises

      3 years ago

      I'm stoked to see the Dark Knight Rises!!! Christopher Nolan just knows how to make movies. Memento, Batman Begins, The Prestige, Dark Knight, Inception. The man just gets it done. I'm sure the Dark Knight Rises won't disappoint. Will it match the near perfection of the Dark Knight? Probably not. It would be hard for anyone to match what Heath Ledger did as the Joker. But I'm sure the Dark Knight Rises will do just fine.

    • djedgar

      What Happened this Weekend

      6 years ago

      So I had my MRI on Friday afternoon. Not the funniest thing ever but not horrible. The tech wanted my foot perpendicular with my leg and that's not exactly what my body wants to do right now. (IE: Severe pain!!) Fortunately she let me have me foot at slightly less than perpendicular. It was painful but nothing I couldn't handle for the 45 mintues that it took to run. The extremely loud noises that the machine makes helped drown out the pain.


      I did get to go see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince this weekend and here are my thoughts.
      I really liked it. It was funny, charming and all around a good time. Keep in mind that I haven't read any of the books. I wasn't so keen on the ending though. It seemed kinda weak, and after hearing that in the book there is some kind of large battle sequence that isn't present in the movie, that sucks even more. My aunt that has read the books wasn't happy about the changes done in the movie and my wife was even less thrilled. So whether or not you have read the book may determine your enjoyment. Ignorance is bless.

    • djedgar

      Things that Go Boom!!

      6 years ago

      Well look at that. I'm a featured user. Since it's been awhile since I have written a journal, I guess I should now. So here's what I've been up to since my last journal.

      The movies I've seen:

      Terminator Salvation - Not so good. I was way off on my last journal.

      Star Trek - Still awesome the second time.

      Angles and Demons - Thought it was okay. I wonder if I had read the book before hand, if I would have felt the same way. I read the Da Vinci Code before I saw its movie, and thought the movie sucked.

      Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian - I enjoyed it and the kids loved it, so it's a winner.

      Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - I liked this movie and it was awesome watching it at the IMAX. But yes there were really stupid things in this movie. Plus there was needlessly inappropriate things said and done considering this movie is about toys, and thus aimed at kids. So if you hate it completely, I understand. But I like robot fighting.

      Saturday I'll be seeing the new Harry Potter movie.

      But none of these movies can hold a candle up to the best explosion of my summer, which happened on the 4th of July. No, not fireworks, although we lit up the sky quite well. No, I'm talking about the explosion of my right achilles tendon. I did this about an hour and a half before everyone showed up at our house for our cook out and firework extravaganza. I toughed it out that night and went to the minor emergency room the next day. Yesterday, I saw my orthopedic specialist and he confirmed what I already knew. Now I'm waiting to have a MRI on friday and my next appointment with my specialist on Wednesday to discuss surgery.

      Best summer ever? Probably not.

    • djedgar

      Summer Movies

      6 years ago

      There are a ton of movies coming out this summer that I really am looking forward to. The first was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I thought it was okay, but it definitely can't hold a candle up to X2. And what they hell did they do to Deadpool?

      So the summer movies started out a little disappointing. But then I saw Star Trek yesterday. Disappointed no more. Star Trek is a great action movie with a lot of humor. Is it super deep? Is it like the Dark Knight? No. But it 's fun through out and isn't boring for even a second. I would place it in the same category as the first Transformer movie. Go see it.

      Next on my list: Terminator Salvation. This is my bet for best movie of the summer.

    • djedgar

      Don't I get an Achievement for this?

      6 years ago

      This past Sunday I finished a monumental task. A task that ranks right up there with the construction of the pyramids and the Hoover Dam. I finished painting the exterior of my house. I started painting it during the second week of July and I finally finished it. Yes that seems like a very long time, but when you are doing it practically by yourself it takes awhile okay. Plus there was other factors that slowed my process. For starters, I could only paint during the evenings on week days and during the mornings and evenings on weekends. (You don't want to paint in direct sunlight) I had two weeks wiped out because of the remnants of hurricanes come through the area. I had a week I couldn't paint because I had to work overtime to finish a project at work. I hurt my knee very badly which also took a week away for recovery.

      But the biggest slow down came because we had two accent colors to go with the main color. The main color is white with a blue tint, and the accent colors are vanilla milkshake (an off white) and a dark blue. If I could have painted the house in one color I would have finished in half the time, because there wouldn't have been so much masking off. But the colors do look good toghether. I did I great job, it looks really nice. And I used really expensive paint that better last until I die because I'm never painting the house again!!!

      Guess what I get to do in the coming months. Paint the inside. smiley2.gif

    • djedgar


      7 years ago

      Wednesday night I went to country concert!!! There are some country songs that I like, but in general I do not like country music. But I'm a man and most girls like country music so I just deal with it. My wife, she likes the country music. A lot. Months ago I bought two tickets to a Kenny Chesney concert for my wife and step daughter. My step daughter decided she didn't want to go so I kinda had to go.

      LeAnn Rimes was suppose to open up the show for Kenny but she was ill so Miranda Lambert (I think that's who she was)played instead. She wasn't bad I suppose, but I wanted to see LeAnn Rimes because I've actually heard a couple of songs before.

      Kenny Chesney played and his show was pretty good, at least from a production stand point. Musically I guess they were alright. People seemed to like it. My wife was dancing and clapping along so she liked it. And that's all that really mattered.

      My highlight was seeing the new BOK Center in Tulsa. It's was just opened a week ago with the Eagles playing the grand opening. It's a pretty cool venue that was designed some famous architect. They've still got some interior finishing to do but I'm excited because hopefully some big acts will come through Tulsa and I won't have to drive to Oklahoma City.


    • djedgar

      I HURT

      7 years ago

      I've been really busy so I haven't had a chance to spit out a journal in quite some time apparently. Actually I just haven't felt like it. So I guess the only cool thing that has happened is that I went to KATTFEST earlier this month and saw Shinedown, Coheed and Cambria and Stone Temple Pilots pretty good show despite the 100+ temperatures.

      Football season has started up with college games last night and in full effect this weekend. Pro games start next Thursday so the hole in life will be filled again.

      And yesterday morning I woke up, put my contacts in and my left eye hurt real bad. So I took out my pair of disposable contacts away put in a brand new pair and still pain. I dealt with it until around noon and could no longer take the pain. The optical dude said that I had a rather large scratch on my cornea. It still hurst but not as bad. I'm just ready for this thing to heal. It's an annoying kind of pain.


    • djedgar

      Foo Fighters

      7 years ago

      Last night I traveled over to Oklahoma City to catch the Foo Fighters in Concert. I didn't catch the opening act, Year Long Disaster, but I did see Supergrass that played right before the Foo Fighters came on stage. I haven't listened alot to Supergrass, but they were really good. I'll have to check them out some more.

      The Foo Fighers came on around 9:00 and put on a heck of a show. The Foo Fighters had to cancell their two shows before this one because of Dave Grohl's voice was hurting so I was a little worried, but he came out rocking and screaming. They had a main stage and a small stage out on the floor where they played a semi-acoustic set. They played well and jammed out a few times once while they did a cover of Young Man Blues.
      They played about 2 1/2 hours and Dave gave it his all, but it was apparent he had yet again trashed his voice. When he sang Big Me during the encore, he sounded pretty bad, but when they finished up with Best of You he belted it out as loud and as best as he could. It was a great show, they have so many hits, but Dave is so personable and the band plays so well together that they could put on a great show by just jamming for a couple of hours. Well worth it. I would recommend their concert to anyone.

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      I heard that Jessica Alba was in your state vandalizing billboards to get Okies to care about Great White sharks. I'm certain that made sense in her head.

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      Haha its like those movie boxes that you can rent from over night for a dollar.
      Like in walmart and stuff. Maybe you dont have them.

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      oh yes it is... drama and more drama! but right now it's slowed down and nothing REALLLY interesting is going for me to post.