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    • Fizjeklidorf

      1 week ago

      Hey just watched one of the Off Topic Podcasts and you talked about the themed weeks. If youre going to do that free to play week, I have a couple games you could try playing. You already know of Smite so thats not necessary to say. But theres an MMO on console called Neverwinter that wasnt too bad, but would probably be fun with a group if you guys tried it. Neverwinter is a dungeons and dragons game essentially, even has that in the title. Another one, which I highly suggest, is Warframe. Warframe is essentially like Mass Effect. Except your a space ninja with super powers, guns , and melee weapons. Warframe does kind of have an odd start to it, but once you get the hang of the controls and mechanics for leveling or upgrading stuff, it isnt so bad. Right now Warframe doesnt really tell you much in regarding to what you have to do unless you have a quest, so it can be kind of a turn off for new people im sure, but if you do try it out and need anything, I could help, or Google could. Im sure Ryan could master it in seconds.

    • Shepsus

      2 weeks ago

      You asshole. Thanks to you I have now purchased all sorts of Strideline socks. They are all I wear. You're allowed to make a comment on their website during the order, and the comment I've made Every.Single.Time. when ordering from Strideline is "Geoff from Achievement Hunter is an asshole"

      AND TODAY I get an e-mail saying Roosterteeth and Achievement Hunter socks are available. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I DID?! Damn right I ordered those socks right away because I'm a chump and don't need an excuse for more Strideline socks.

      Fuck you Geoff. You made my feet super comfortable.

      Oh, and I have since removed Adblock from all of my PC's. Because you are right. God dammit.

    • Alex

      3 weeks ago

      Hearing you guys talking about best game of 2015 in the RTX stream, I'm gonna toss this in there - Have you tried Undertale yet? My friend kinda pestered me to play it and I thought it was all hype and some kind of circlejerk for another indie game, but I finally succumbed and gave it a shot.

      I was dead wrong. It's a truly amazing game. In fact, one of the best ever made I would say, and I NEVER say that about things lightly - I've been playing since I was 3. This earnestly competes with the likes of Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI and IX, Half-Life, Portal, etc. Unless you're off-put by throwback graphics, but seeing the stuff you guys have played I know you're cool with it.

      Unless you're some kind of heartless monster, you'll feel things for NPCs in a video game that you haven't felt in a long-ass time and it'll have a place in your heart for the rest of eternity. Choose your path well - I just say right now that there's a way to save everyone, you never need to kill anyone. That's all I'll say, choose your path from there.

      Errr... you do play PC/Mac games too right? Just wondering. Heck I'd gift it to ya on Steam if you'd play it - it's just that awesome and I think everyone needs to experience this game.

      Also, if you get the chance, tell everyone I said great job at RTX. I know it doesn't mean much and I'm just another fan, but really, I don't know how people like you guys can get up in front of a ton of people like that. I figure you kinda numb to it over the years, but really, what you guys do on a daily basis takes some guts.


    • HOWtwoROCK

      4 weeks ago

      I'm gonna give dark cloud 2 a shot. You speak so highly of it

      • Alex

        3 weeks ago

        Oh wow, Geoff knew Dark Cloud?

        It's an old-ass game I enjoyed myself quite a long time ago. Dark Cloud 2 especially.

        I kinda pair it with Skies of Arcadia in my memory. Two great titles from around the same time.

    • Purplypastel

      1 month ago

      May you try to get Steve Zaragoza from SourceFedNERD to be a guest on Off Topic?

    • heckaber2

      1 month ago

      Remember to give Jack a hug today

    • nickdadick

      1 month ago

      I live 3 min walk from TD Garden (Celtics). You're welcomed to use my spare bedroom when you visit in Feb. It's just me in a 2 bed apt right behind Regina Pizza. Hell, you can use the whole apt and I'll just stay with my gf next door.

    • TaBandit87

      1 month ago

      Good sir, I'd like to apologize on behalf of all of South Dakota for those "nachos". I know not if you enjoyed them, though I am sorry.

    • Lachlan326

      2 months ago

      Sup dude, this game on steam greenlight is releasing 20th Jan next year and it looks like it could be pretty interesting for let's plays. Eg make a vehicle and race or something.

      It's called Scrap Mechanic and it's a construction/survival multiplayer type game.

    • Ajkaine0423

      2 months ago

      Today is the anniversary of my mom's death. She passed away when I was 12. I am 18 now and looking back I don't think I could of made it through that time without you guys.

      I had the support of my family and friends, but Rooster Teeth made me laugh again. You guys made me smile. I wanted to properly thank you for that. So thank you! Every last one of you. Thank you.

    • BrandonChri4

      2 months ago

      Can we get another Sunday Driving episode in GTA 5? I'm sure everyone else would like to see another one. Include one to get to know Jeremy better but of course have Ryan and Micheal. What's Sunday Driving without Ryan going psycho.

    • Moeparker Ghost

      2 months ago

      If memory severs me you're a comic guy. I used to be back in the day. Never read any of the Civil War stuff with Marvel. If you did, are those 7 core books enough or are the ancillary issues, all of them, worth picking up as well? Value vs Cost sort of thing. I got out long ago when the cost of comic books went up.

      Marvel is nice enough to show the recommended reading order. 98 issues of books.

      I don't know anyone else that reads or has read comics. Talking with folks at work about this is like..asking them if they still play with Mega Blocks. Lot of scoffs and "I'm an adult, I pay taxes" looks. Funny I guess.

    • DSC Bev Bud

      3 months ago

      Happy Veterans Day buddy. Looking forward to Off Topic Podcast. :)

    • WilliamJohnO

      3 months ago

      Happy Veterans Day, Geoff!

    • duelweilder

      3 months ago

      Sup Geoff, finished the last episode of Life is Strange. What's your thoughts on it?

    • Jorron

      3 months ago

      Geoff! I have to know, as a raver, were you wearing kandi in this video at 4:24?!

    • Z7945

      4 months ago

      Geoff you and Griffon were awesome singing tonight on RockBand 4 Live on YouTube you guys killed it great fucking job. d('-')b two thumbs up!

    • AlphaV1990

      4 months ago

      Hey Geoff, don't miss out on the Black Spindle exotic sniper by doing the Heroic Strike and going to an alternative path! It will help you guys out on the raid (if you guys haven't done it yet).

    • RT_Cole

      4 months ago

      Geoffrey Quartermaine Ramsey the Third, One of the founders of Rostertoth, the King of white guys that play video games! May I beseech thee to ask one simple question: can I has sponsorships pweese? Or can you hire mees.

    • Thomrb

      4 months ago

      Yo Geoff I hope you feel great and drunk! I know you like punk rock music and I just have a little suggestion for you! You gotta listen this kid Mac Demarco, he is great. More like indie rock and roll than punk put give it a try, it's great!

    • AquaGirl

      4 months ago

      Hey Geoff, great news. Life is Strange EP 5 is aiming to be released 20th October

    • Sirath154

      4 months ago

      Hello Geoff. really liked your lets plays and vs videos. I was wondering if you have ever tried to do a team vs against Uberhaxornova and The Creatures to see who is the best group of gamers? Maybe a tournament.

    • EHaley

      4 months ago

      Hey Geoff, just wanted to leave you a comment and let you know how much I enjoyed the Until Dawn Let's Watch series this last week. It was easily one of my favorites series you guys have ever done, especially that last episode. Keep up the great work man!

    • LucasS0326

      4 months ago

      Please have Ryan do the last part of Until Dawn. Considering that he did every other part, knows the controls the best, and probably wouldn't get basically everyone killed.

    • Xylian Bleep Bloop

      5 months ago

      That feel when everyone loves you a whole heap more after Until Dawn Part 7.....

    • BrandonChri4

      5 months ago

      Where is todays GTA 5 Let's Play?

    • YesNathan

      5 months ago

      Hey Geoff you played the new episode of Tales From The Borderlands? Just wanted to know what you thought.

    • VGCatEpsilon

      5 months ago

      Will you guys be making a series or use the GTA 5 Video Editor for Xbox One when it comes out it September? I can see you guys using that for a lot of stuff.

    • IronBridge

      5 months ago

      I upload new and interesting facts everyday in my series:

      "Fact of The Day"

      Hope to see you there!

    • Wolffmania

      6 months ago

      Have you and the Achievement Hunter group ever thought of making a board game series because some board games can be 100x more fun and entertaining than video games?

    • DrunkTanker9

      6 months ago

      Hey Geoff, you've probably gotten this before, but if you like TWIN PEAKS you should watch the episode of Psych called Dual Spires. The writers love the 80's and early 90's so much they made an episode completely devoted to Twin Peaks and got most of the cast to come back for it. I found about 50 references through the whole episode, but there are probably loads more I didn't see.

    • RJMiller

      6 months ago

      Hey Geoff, me and my friends on halo reach back in the day had a custom game called Snipesalot. It was based off my old gamertag. The way the game works, you set teams of how ever many you want, then you set build points in forge. We had a minimum height point and no max height. You could not spawn teleporters and had to place only spawn points. The idea is that you build a base then fight with snipers only. In custom games have only snipers and no name over enemy. It would be cool to see in halo 5 or even in 4. This is just an idea.

      Keep rockin it!!

    • JeremiahJordan

      6 months ago

      GEOFF How can you not have Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia as one of you're favorite shows?!?!!?

    • Ethan Graphic Designer

      6 months ago

      A shirt I made for you.

    • Readysetno

      7 months ago

      Hey Geoff,
      Shot in the dark request, but I figured why not ask. How much gamerscore would I need to earn in a month to land a job at AH? I currently have a GS of 389, GT is chrismckenney and a PSN equivalent score of 210,135 name coolalright. I am also qualified for editing, filming, have a let's play channel, so on, my resume should be in the system. Weird question I know, but I figured I'd throw it out there in case it sparks your interest. If you're intrigued by the idea feel free to message me. Thanks for the read.

    • Sharkiver718

      7 months ago

      Hay Geof im on the Xbox360 im the avatar store in the Halo sector and there's a RvB Grif Spartan armor for $3.99. And that's the only one relating to RvB.just thought you should know.


      7 months ago

      Hey Geoff,

      Fellow Crimson Tide fan here. Roll Tide!!! Anyways I heard you were out here in Hawaii on vacation and if you find yourself out on Oahu for a couple of days I would love to give you a tour of the USS Texas if you would like. I can probably get you some swag that we have on the boat too. Just let me know on here if you're interested.

    • Fizz

      7 months ago

      Geoff, happy belated birthday!

      A possible GO! Idea: get killed by each of the elements.
      Earth (example: falling) water (drowning) air (suffocating and fire (obvious).

    • thebaptist22

      7 months ago

      Happy birthday Geoff! Hope you have a wonderful birthday with Griffon and Millie and your "son" Gavino Free

    • AngelTengko

      7 months ago

      Happy Birthday Geoff! You awesome man! Wish you, Griffon, and Millie an awesome day and an awesome life!

    • AceThePyroBunny618

      7 months ago

      Happy birthday Geoff!!! Mine was yesterday, so I knew yours was today. Hope you had a stress free day. And don't worry, turning 40 just means that you're another year wiser than your employees. smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

    • THEDODGER Wookiee

      7 months ago

      Happy Birthday Geoff! I hope you have a great day and that you enjoy yourself! smiley0.gif

    • devilito666

      7 months ago

      smiley9.gif Happy Birthday Boss smiley9.gif

    • St_franz Joelaholic

      7 months ago

      Happy birthday you magnificent bastard!

    • Meelis13

      7 months ago

      Happy birthday... old man smiley6.gif
      j/k, i have brothers older than you (no, really, despite me being only 21). Just be as cool as you always have been and you wont get old smiley0.gif
      and heres birthday-themed song from Estonia: (title translated: "birthdaykid, take one more drink" (you only have birthday once in a year)- can translate entire song)

    • Grifshot117

      7 months ago

      Happy Birthday Geoff, hope you have an awesome day!

    • GWChupaCabra

      7 months ago

      I just saw that it was your birthday, and was like Damn...I thought we were the same age. I guess I kept getting older and in my head you never aged lol.

      Have a great day

    • dr_indigo

      7 months ago

      Happy Birthday Geoff! I also want to thank you for coming up with Achievement Hunter as it's now something I watch whenever I can. Oh and as it's also my birthday, I wanna say I'm glad I share the same day as you. Have a good one, buddy.

    • Mattbab4

      7 months ago

      Happy Birthday Geoff I hope you have a wonderful day, congrats on making it to 40!