from Boston Ma,

    • millerj

      Just Saw Lewis Black Preform Live

      3 months ago

      It's cool to watch a comedian that I have grown up with preform live. I have ever one of the man's CD's and have watched him for nearly a decade now. It was cool to finally see him live. Thats all. Competing in the IBJF open in Boston next weekend so that should be a trip. Just training and working till then. Until Next Time.

    • millerj

      Keep on Keeping on

      5 months ago

      Still in the job hunt. Still working at the old job that ends in May. Still hard at work on music. Got a skin condition training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu so I'm out for a few days. Listening to Lana Del Rey forgot how much I enjoy her music. Until Next Time.

    • millerj

      Keep Moving Foward

      5 months ago

      I got my profile picture at pax east 2011, it was one of the last events where you could just walk up to the Rooster Teeth booth and just meet the staff and there was no line, after this event the staff has stories about huge lines at all the conventions they go to. But not Pax 2011, this was my first convention, later I went to the second RTX. This is the convention where I met Barbara then Blawndee and she was not yet working for RT, just a fan helping work the booth. I was standing looking at the booth after getting some autographs from Gus and the other staff at the booth, when I see a man standing in front of the booth next to me. This was Monty, at this point Monty had not become the well known face he later became at the company this is before RWBY and the day before the season 9 trailer was unveiled at the event. But I recognized him and a bit star struck I asked "Are you Monty?" he said yes and I think the exact words that came to my mouth were "I'm a big fan of your work" He responded with a genuine thankyou which was interesting for me at the time, to have a great content creator actually thank me for enjoying his work. I asked if i could get a picture with him because he was the only staff members outside of the booth and he said sure. I handed the camera to Barb and she proceeded to take a 2 second video before realizing that the camera was in the wrong setting. I fixed the camera and handed it back to her. She then took the photo that became my profile picture. I looked at the picture and realized that Gus had photobombed the photo during the video and in the actual picture (he made that tongue out face for at least 15 seconds). I thanked everyone for the photo and then tanked Monty, shook his hand. Then told Gus that this would be my profile picture on the site forever. It has been ever since. I met Monty again at the second RTX where he danced on the Dance machine that was set up on the floor, after watching him dance for a while he went to leave and I pulled out the poster that I had bought at PAX 2011 and driven with from Maine all the way to the even in Texas and asked if he would sign it as I had not gotten him to sign it the pervious year. He did, I told him I had enjoyed his animation tips panel; and once again I got a genuine thankyou. These are the only two times that I was able to meet Monty, and I will miss the opportunity to meet him again. Even in the 2 minutes I met him they were some of my most memorable convention moments. You will be missed it was amazing to be able to meet and let you know that I enjoyed your work. Thankyou Monty and thankyou for signing my poster with your birds and sun. Until Next Time

    • millerj

      Another Year

      6 months ago

      Another year in the books on to 2015, 6 more months at this job then its on to another city. Until then ill keep working, keep training, 2 weeks until the next submission only grappling tournament, and keep writing. Heres to another year on the grind. Until Next Time.

    • millerj

      Merry Christmas

      7 months ago

      Enjoying some time with the family, thankful that I am able to. Until Next Time.

    • millerj

      Back on the Grind

      8 months ago

      In grad school, its hard as shit. Doing it. Competing in Jiu-jitsu got silver in Sundays competition. Hope that the Fullscreen Acquisition doesn't destroy what I have come to love in this community, and content. Until Next Time.

    • millerj

      Got into Grad School

      10 months ago

      I got into grad school for Marine Bio Resources now I have the next year and a half to make no mistakes and hopefully don't get thrown out of the program. It's been a trip so far excited to begin the next part of my education. Now time to study immunology until my eyes bleed and I know it front to back upstream and downstream regulatory effects. Until Next Time.

    • millerj

      Vacation over

      11 months ago

      Back in Maine after my vacation. Back to the same old thing. Job MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, Rap, waiting on my grad school application. Until Next Time.

    • millerj

      Yearly Vacation

      11 months ago

      On my yearly vacation to see them family in Baltimore. Getting some good training at an MMA and jiu-jitsu gym here with a jiu-jitsu world champion so that's pretty badass. To top it off he's my size so doubly cool. He has a great academy and great people. Other than that just taking a break from work. Got my GRE scores back and I did alright here is hoping that I get into grad school. Getting a chance to write and listen to instrumentals while I'm down here, taking a break from Maine is nice. Great to see the family. Until Next Time.

    • millerj

      GRE and RVB

      1 year ago

      Taking the GRE tomorrow at 8am, then I have my next Jiu-Jitsu competition which is submission only the following day. Should be a pretty action packed next couple of days. Got one of the guys in my laboratory to start watching Red Vs Blue since the first 5 seasons are on Netflix, he proceeded to watch through season 10 in under 2 weeks. Damn that show is magical. Reminds me that I need to get caught up and power through last season and watch this season. The forums have hyped it up to be amazing. Looking forward to all that after I finish my fights tomorrow and Saturday. Until Next Time.

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    • kemosaabi


      4 years ago

      Thanks man. Last week was a very exciting week. We ended up on Wired, Kotaku, Pitchfork, and even NPR. We've finally got all of the individual videos up on our website at .

    • TwilightGirl


      4 years ago

      Thank you :D
      I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    • AllisonDay


      4 years ago

      Hey, I saw your post on the official RT Live thread about being new to TS... It didn't really look like anyone had volunteered to show you the ropes, so I just wanted to let you know that if you have any questions, or just want someone to be there for sure when you log on, just let me know. It can be a bit overwhelming when you first sign on smiley0.gif

      Anyway, welcome to TS!!!!!! smiley12.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley12.gif

    • Arvin


      4 years ago

      You can also check out the links down the bottom for a compilation of Portal 2 fan art, and check back every Tuesday for more Fan-Made

    • VocalDrummer


      4 years ago

      Thanks for the comment on my "Like a G6" video. I appreciate you taking the time to check it out.

    • PvtPierce


      4 years ago

      I posted because Im am happy, sir. I know that this will have no overall effect on the news more than it has in the past. That doesn't matter, I post because I feel relieved and so that other people can read and see and who knows, maybe he didn't know it happened, I don't know.

      I may have written it in a rude way, but that doesn't change what its purpose was.

    • Steven


      4 years ago

      I believe it. And thanks!

    • Treyrs20o9


      4 years ago

      No problem man. Just trying to be a more active member of the community so that's why I've been keeping an eye out on that pimp your journal thread. Just so I can keep up with everyone and this fantastic community.

    • Freakadog


      4 years ago

      Oh awesome thanks man. :) It was kind of one of those weird nerve-racking moments where it's like "Should I call.....?" lol

    • cabooserul32


      4 years ago

      Heh, you don't get many comments, do you? anyway, thanks for supporting balls 2 that and the group. I appreciate it.