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    • sbrammer

      Friends of RvB.....

      2 years ago

      For those who have been waiting for me to post the news, here it is: I'm engaged! I proposed on 11/2/12 to a wonderful woman flash-mob style at the Men's basketball game at the college where i work. So hopefully people will stop jamming my journals and making my Outlook inbox RvB folder fill up (457 new messages).

      However along with the good news, i have some sad news to share, and Monopoly_J said it best. Please pray for their family during this time.

    • sbrammer's time to update

      2 years ago

      Going to make this short because of time, but in the next few days, i will journal what has been going on with me since the last time i posted a journal was two yrs ago, and i my most recent journal got "jammed" with comments thanks to my good 'ol buddy monopoly_j. Plus it didn't help that for the longest time i couldn't remembered my password. So stay tuned for important information......

    • sbrammer

      I'm still around

      5 years ago

      I figured since it's been a few months, since i posted anything, i probably should post something to let you know i'm still around (but not as often).

      I was suppose to go on a campout with people from our church this weekend, but yesterday (Fri) morning i woke up with a sore throat and it wasn't getting better and in the afternoon, i was struggling just to make it through the end of the day. So, i called the organizer, and said i won't be able to make it. sad.png

      I went to bed around 9pm, and slept most of the night, and today i will be taking it easy.

      Have a good one RT!

    • sbrammer

      Sys Admin Appreciation Day-July 31, 2009

      6 years ago

      This is the one day that IT Dept's around the world get appreciate for keeping YOUR computer running, YOUR work email and internet up, and keeps YOUR data (whether it be work-related excel spreadsheets, policies and procedures, client or customer information, or even pictures of your pet) safe from unauthorized personnel.

      So, tell your IT Department thank you for doing what they do to make your life at work easier. Because if you don't we can very easily just pull the plug and make your working environment a living nightmare.....


      And if you feel like you want to get me something, go here:

    • sbrammer


      6 years ago

      Vacation was good. spend a couple of days in Milwaukee visiting my brother and then on friday, my dad and i went to STL to go to Fan Fest, which is part of the All-star weekend. It was awesome. Got some autographs of some people, took pictures, and even had a chance to get two tickets to Sunday's Future game and Celebrity game. We were standing in line to get Rollie Fingers autograph and a guy was walking by selling two tickets to the future game and celebrity game. He was selling both tickets for $20 (face value was $50\each). However two ladies in front of us took them. sad.png I should have spook up sooner. Oh well, it was a good time, however i almost lost my knife because apparently you can't take those in, so i hid it in a plant next to the door because i didn't want to give it up or take it back to the car. When we came out 5 hours later, my knife was still there. bigsmile.png

      I'll post pics as soon as i get them from dad.

      STL Baseball Legacy unmatched

      HR Derby

      ASG Coverage from STL

    • sbrammer


      6 years ago

      Have a happy and safe 4th weekend! bigsmile.png

    • sbrammer

      Weekend Fun

      6 years ago

      I thought i was going to have a slow, and enjoyable weekend for once doing very little, however all that changed when i got home from work.

      Around 4pm, a small storm rolled through the area, and most of us didn't think most of it as we were watching it at work. We just thought a little wind, rain, thunder does not hurt. About 30 minutes later, i receive a call from church asking about Sunday, and i answered the questions. She said i would have emailed you, but we don't have any power right now. She asked me if i had power and i said since i'm still at work we do but we also have a generator that will kick in if we do lose power.

      I leave and go home, and my garage door won't open. I'm thinking my battery is dead. I tried a couple of times before i realize i have no power. To confirm this, i walk in my house and my UPS battery backup is going crazy. So, i decide to call church to see just what time they lost power, and they said around 4pm. So i'm thinking it's going on one hour, and i just bought groceries a couple of days ago, my frig and freezer are full, what to do? Call my parents to see what the timeframe is before i should start moving inventory out and they said couple of hours.

      To make a long story short, i moved 85% of the stuff out and took it to my parents and as of right now, i am one of the 6,000 people still without power. I have a co-worker in my subdivision and they are still without power but have a neighbor who let them borrow a generator. I told her if you get power this evening, give me a call. Otherwise, i would like to call you to see if power came back on.

      So, that's my fun so far this weekend.

      Sat: got up and received a text message from a co-worker who lives in my sub-division saying power came back on between 12-1am. Dad had to go to work, so i rode in with him, and i cleaned out my frig and now its all nice and clean and also threw out the stuff that i didn't take (which wasn't much, and i really didn't care if i threw it out). Then i took him out to eat for an early day father's day meal. he went to work for another hour and i went back to my place. Found out that my secondary surround sound system which is a small AIWA system, went to the crapper and somehow got fried. It wouldn't turn on, and if it did, it sounded like the speakers weren't connected properly.

      Did some research and they suggested unplug the speakers and try to see if it came on. Unplug the main speakers and it came on, and i had sound from my center and back speakers. THen all of a sudden it just shuts off. I had it plugged into an APC surge protector. I unplugged it, and plug into the wall, and still nothing. So, i'm pretty sure my stereo is shot. Funny thing is that everything else that was plugged into the surge protector still works fine (Wii, TV).

      Came back to my parents and packed all of my food up and came home. Started to search the internet for replacement system and i cannot find a small mini system with a 5 speakers and Dolby Digital built-in ad a 3-disc cd changer that is fairly reasonable. The closest thing i found was a Sony system that had a DVD-changer instead and was Dobly Digital. However it is around $700. If i remember right, i paid around $300 for mine, but that was like 8 yrs ago.


    • sbrammer

      Long Weekend

      6 years ago

      The weekend for me started Thrusday night for a two-day backelor party for tankluvr2. Started out with seeing the new Terminator movie, then going back to monopoly_j house for what thought was going to be a somewhat quiet late evening\early moring. However strange things started to take place.......................At 3am, i was getting tired,
      so i went to bed while the rest of them played Halo 3 on XBL. However i really didn't get to sleep until 5am or so when the rest of them went to bed.

      Friday: got up around 8:30 or so, ate breakfast, took tankluvr2 to drop off his truck to get detailed, and after we dropped his truck off we stopped by the local Chevy dealership to see a 2010 Camaro. VERY NICE! Did some running around with the rest of the groomsmen until 4pm when we went to the church for rehearsal, that lasted 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Went back to Monopoly_j's house for another eveing of bachelor party. This night was not as near as interesting as the previous nights, but had its moments. Played some more Halo 3 on XBL, and around 12;30am i called it a night, while the rest stayed up until 1:30am or so.

      Saturday: Got up and ready to go to church since we had to be there at 11:30 am for pictures................

      .........An hour and a half later around 1pm, the groosmen get their pictures taken. It was kind of strange that pictures only took about 15 minutes outside and we were done. Wedding was very nice and afterwards more pictures were taken with wedding party and family. 1 1/2 later, we go to the reception where about only half the people are still left, and the punch bowl is near empty and there is no more punch. I will let tankluvr2 fill you in on more details and all. Then we leave to go to a hotel conference room to open presents. 7pm i finally take my tux off after being in it and being hot all day.

      Tomorrow (Sun): i will actually wear my tux to church and then give it to the groom's parents to take it back.


      I will probably need to thank tex_wannabe and monopoly_j for allowing us to take over their house for a couple of days.

    • sbrammer

      Chuck: Season 3??????

      6 years ago

      Last night i finally got around to watch monday night's episode of Chuck on my DVR The more i watched it, the more i realized that this may be the end. If you watched it, let me know your thoughts. If you haven't seen it yet, go to and watch it, then come back and post comments.

    • sbrammer

      March Madness 2009 is underway!

      6 years ago


      NCAA® March Madness® on Demand

      It's awesome. For those who enjoy college hoops, this is the ultimate deal, and it's free. It's really good for those who have high speed. Just click the banner to start watching!

      Now, i just have to remember my login so i can watch it at work. (Did i say that out loud...) wink.png

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