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    • shelia


      5 years ago

      yup, i have no school tomorrow because of César Chávez Day!

      (which only means more library time for anthro midterm on thursday... im so excited [smiley4)


    • shelia

      college collage.

      5 years ago

      just randomness since i am not wanting to finish my midterm in the library like i should...

      god of war 3 was pretty awesome. i played a demo of it the other day... kind of want to just get the game so i can mindlessly button mash and kill everything.

      and thats about it


      (new profile pic smiley0.gif )

    • shelia

      I Love you, RoosterTeeth.

      5 years ago

      i happened to glance up at my little icon and links in the right hand corner of the screen and noticed the where my little gold star resides its said;

      "Sponsor (and we are love you for it.)"

      i am totally giddy now and that completely made my night.

      Thanks RoosterTeeth, you made me happier then the Caboose during food-nap time.


    • shelia


      5 years ago

      boys are douche bags when they are drunk.

      i spent that last hours of my halloween night making sure our buddy wouldn't get in a fight with pretty much everyone that he was talking to or even looked at basically.
      i was fucking shitty.
      and after all the work getting him back home and me still being there for him and helping in along and getting shooed away because "he didn't need my help" and im a bitch because i have a boyfriend
      he sends me a text while we are sitting in the same area and tells me we can't hang out anymore.

      if he wasn't so depressed and hung over this morning i would fucking punch him in the face and bitch him out, but i am bigger then that and doing it via internet rant.

      summation- people who get angry and want to fight people when they are drunk should not drink.


    • shelia


      5 years ago

      i am 21 and can now waste my money at bars!


    • shelia

      damn it all

      6 years ago

      why does family feel the need that they have to have facebook!

      my mom is messaging my boyfriend (who is in afghanistan) to tell him that i don't call home enough.
      i don't want to call home. i moved away for a reason.

      le sigh, how am i going to tell them i don't want to come home for thanksgiving.


    • shelia

      thirsty thursday.

      6 years ago

      its a horrible thing when i consider thursday as part of the weekend.
      its amazing that i live basically in a on my way out to hang out by a random pond on campus to drink...

      humboldt is so much better then socal sometimes.


    • shelia

      into the woods.

      6 years ago

      i love the woods...hanging out at the pond at midnight is rad!

      its so cool i have woods on campus haha


    • shelia


      6 years ago

      i am so sad that i can't log won't get past connecting and times out. i don't understand!

      and all of the troubleshooting hints haven't worked, then again i have no idea how to do like three of them or if i should even try and attempt to do them.

      i am so sad. i just wanna play smiley2.gif


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    • GothWerewolf


      5 years ago

      I know you want me to give you a comment...

      Before you add me

      So here I am xD

      Your cute by the way


      Peace ;)

    • rekabsrm


      6 years ago

      hi ya how r u doing?

    • rekabsrm


      6 years ago

      hey whats up?

    • SameriReenx


      6 years ago

      What happind to anton you know camndins brother. You're ex bf

    • Camp_Crow


      6 years ago

      Happy B-day!

    • Lopage


      7 years ago

      I took a quick glance over all you pics and I can't pick one that is the most beautiful because of how beautiful you are. I have not seen a face quite as exquisite as yours in a long time.

    • dasfowler


      7 years ago

      It's a long, complicated story...


    • StrataG


      7 years ago

      nice Einstein quote. one of my favorites

    • Ghost_Nova


      7 years ago

      Hey another OC person....Hey there!

    • Spider_Jonas


      7 years ago