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Warhawk Trophies this month

It seems that when Warhawk, one of the first cool PS3 games, gets patched later this month, trophies will be added. The Warhawk 1.5 patch hits August 27th and will add over 50 trophies to include in your achievement fix.

I haven't actually played Warhawk yet, but this may be the perfect time to go digging through the discount bin to find a PS3 title. What do you think? What games would you like to see get trophies retroactively?

Source: Kotaku

6 years ago  |  Comments (7)
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It's about time for the PS3 to give some of their better games some achievements. Oops, I mean Trophies!
6 years ago
uncharted just got the patch yesterday on North America for trophies. ive been playing it all day yesterday and today. what game i would like to see with trophies would be GTA IV. although warhawk is going to be fun with trophies.
6 years ago
I would really enjoy seeing COD4 and Blazing Angels get some Trophies!
I remember when B.A was a PS3 exclusive and if PS didn't give their exclusives any trophies, it'd be done. And I' ve heard a lot of^people say that COD4 is one of the best PS3 games...
Oh, an I can't wait for Warhawk trophies!!!
6 years ago
hu id have to think about that for a while
6 years ago
6 years ago
Are trophies exact rip offs of achievements or is there some difference?
6 years ago
im sorry to say this but when sony came out with the trophies it was just a sad attempt to compete with achievements :(
6 years ago
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