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Weekend Hunt

I love games, you love games, we all love games so you should play with people.... in video games I mean.

First off, StripyReaper is going for the Forshadowing, Come to Poppa!, and Locust, Forever achievements in Gears of War 3.
February 10th, 9PM EST
Send a message to Gamertag: StripyReaper

Next up, drew1993 is going for the Teamwork Takedown achievement in Too Human.
February 10th, 6-7PM EST
Send a message here on AH or to Gamertag: drew199363

Next up, DHoward34 is hoping to get all of the achievements, as well as Genkibowl VII DLC, in Saint's Row The Third.
February 11th, 2PM EST
Send a message to Gamertag: Incersions

Finally, some jerk named tictac472 (just kidding) is going for the Kill Crazy, Hero of the Hour, Nemesaurus, and Total Victory achievements in Gotham City Imposters.
February 10th, 3PM-12AM CST and 11th, 2PM-5PM CST.
Send a message here or to Gamertag: MomentousFlea4

If you want to host a future Weekend Hunt, post the details in this group thread to get some frontpage attention.

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