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Tickets on sale NOW!

If you haven't noticed yet, tickets for RTX 2012 are now available.

To everyone who has already bought their ticket, we love you and cannot wait to see you this summer!

To everyone else... why haven't you bought your ticket yet? Huh? Is it because you think we smell funny? Because we do. But so what! That shouldn't deter you!

RTX 2012 is going to be absolutely amazing, and a convention unlike any other. Not only will you get to see big names in gaming and the web, but you also get to interact with other fans of Rooster Teeth and fellow community members!

So, bring it*. BRING IT!

*it = yourself. To RTX.
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Griever2112 Achevables
Ohh... Barbara.... why must you torture me soo.... I want to go to RTX so badly.... damn responsibilities, keeping me from dropping everything for a vacation out to Austin to go to RTX....
3 years ago
Couldn't afford the Two Way Ticket from The Netherlands to Austin...1300 euro's :(
Have a good one everybody!
I'm just glad i'm out of hospital and back home again!
3 years ago
Have no fear, "it" is being brought.
I'm bringing my sister's "it" as well.
3 years ago
I was planning to go but with this new job, I can't. :( It's depressing. Really.
3 years ago
anttwan Sponsor
I really want to go but abit short on cash... :(
3 years ago
Kittymcs Sponsor
Well apart from the lack of money, and the severe fear of flying, yes it is because you smell. Although according to twitter, gavino smells nice today
3 years ago
Whats the date of RTX? I hope I can go and I hope the tickets hold out until I can get some.
3 years ago
Already got my ticket! love you too!
3 years ago
so depressed i can't go :(
3 years ago
Last year: not enough tickets
This year: to many tickets?
Next year: We invade Austin stake our claim and declare ourselves a sovereign nation called RoosterTeethia where all the women have to wear mini skirts, food trucks roam every where and Gus can hit hobos with the Penatrator. And alcohol, lots and lots of alcohol...for 21 and up, we are not savages

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3 years ago  |  + 0 Funny
I would love to go, but im only 17. I'd rather wait until im 21, but at least im going to PAX east =)
3 years ago
i wish i could go :(
3 years ago
mikefizzled Sponsor
And this Is why I want to move to the US -_-
3 years ago
Amafrey Sponsor
I already got my ticket.

And hotel room booked.

Screw paying $100+ for a hotel right next door though. $50 a night at motel 6, for just a 12 minute drive (traffic depending) to the place!
3 years ago
i would definitely like to come, but starting a new job means no vacay days especially since july 4th is on a wednesday!
3 years ago
i need to work :(
but as soon as i have the money for a hotel and plane ticket i'll go
3 years ago
I can't go to RTX (but I really wanted to), but i'm saving my money for San Diego Comic Con!!!
3 years ago
HAKURU_15 Sponsor
the reason why i couldn't buy a ticket is because I'm still on studies, and i don't have a bloody fucking ticket to fly over there.... pfft, wish i could fly
3 years ago
HA1DZB1395 Sponsor
could u please have RTX in Australia next year
3 years ago
steve108 For Monty
3 years ago
Got mine and cant wait man. its going to be so much fucking fun
3 years ago
So wanna go... :(
3 years ago
I think my dad would be mad if I stole the car, and drove cross-country on a learners permit...Maybe next year I'll kidnap my friends and we'll come, all the way from Climax (Bow-chicka-bump-bump, also, I'd like it known that RvB has made it so I can't say the name of the town I live in without thinking of Tucker, Caboose, or Jr.)
3 years ago
Trifecta Knife Guy
In Kuwait, not allowed to leave. This angers me greatly. Especially after guys went through all that trouble to put a little tag on the corner of my screen,*all chocked up* personalized and everything.
3 years ago
It sucks I can't make it, but I so will when I can.
3 years ago
would soooooo love to go, but i'm serving over in japan right now and a ticket for me would be like $2k-$3k and that's a lot more then i can pay. i know a lot of people here would love to go to this. been a fan since season 1 but it bums me out that this is the second RTX i'll have to miss. you guys have a blast!

and from every Rooster Teeth fan over here across the pacific, thanks for being AWESOME!
3 years ago
Barb, how close are you guys to selling out? Any idea on a time frame? Week? Days left?
3 years ago
Wish I lived closer or had money to fly there. RTX East in the future? lol
3 years ago
3 years ago
GRR! I wish I could go. :(
3 years ago
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