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Community Playdate - Battlefield 3

Tuesday, February 28th at 7pm CST Community Playdate - Battlefield 3
-Most shooters only reward the people who are the best with a gun, but thankfully Battlefield 3 recognizes some of the other talents of gamers. Come join Caleb and Fragger as they medic their way to victory! This event will be streamed on AHTV!
*Click here for details on how to join!

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3 years ago  |  Comments (5)
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peej216 Sponsor
is to night also going to be streamed ahtv or no?
3 years ago  |  + 0 Cool
This event will be streamed on AHTV!

#1  Posted 3 years ago
Sorry, don't have battlefield :(
3 years ago
is battlefield 3 worth buying
3 years ago
Yes it is.
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3 years ago
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