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26 year-old male from South Australia

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Featured User for the third time.Great to see that I'm the featured user today... which is the third time overall! It's interesting because I don't actually post anything here on a regular basis. My last (friends only) journal was written two years ago talking about the ad I put up... which was just a white banner/square (did all three) saying, in grey, "this advertisement was intentionally left blank". I've been a member for five years (following RT before signing up too).

So... what do I do here on Rooster Teeth... well I watch the videos and read (most) of the journals from the staff. Sometimes I make friends. Sometimes. casmarie is awesome :) go there and say hi if you really want :P

I have a YouTube channel if you want to check it out? www.youtube.com/whiterazor. Videos/LPs aren't great but there we go. Also, people should check out Minecraft After Dark too. I'm currently listening to their podcast so why not mention it. They're Aussies if you're unfamiliar with the accent.

People should also check out niveous. She did the gorgeous picture of Griffon so go there and say "hey White Razor sent me here". Not that she knows who I am unless she remembers posting on my profile because I'm FU. Thanks to her :)

Thanks for those who commented and visited! Cuddles for all*! I hope you weren't too disappointed with the lack of activity here... Just like Facebook I still visit each day though and reply to whatever necessary (ie I don't ignore this place even though it may look like it).
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