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19 year-old male from The Deserts of Orog, Amenkor
Me, Well, I go to school in Australia, High school obviasly. I LOVE HALO. I would play every halo game (if my stepmum wasnt a total bitch) Best mates include: None that you will ever know MWAHAHAHAHAHA. I am Evil, and im proud of it. Tick me off, be prepared to run for the hill, but even that wont help. My Fave armour permutations in reach would have to be Grenadier Helm, ODST shoulders, Tac/recon chest, and FJ/Para knees, Oh and Birthday party. I love that, was at a mate place and made a funny video. "AND WHO THE HELL DO YU THINK I AM!?!?!" Little line from Gurren Lagann.

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Well..... This sucksSo, I just found out that my ex, who still happens to be great friends with me and I'm still in love with, happens to be pregnant with a guy who she has been datings kid, but they are full on on and off. What should I do? Should I continue talking to her, or cut her out? I would love some advice, from anyone.
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