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Comments (42)

  • nsafi97


    1 year ago

    I played this game when I was younger and most of my achievements in my past gamertag were in this game. This game is the tits!

  • fatdaddy109


    2 years ago

    just saw this, and I totally had a spread sheet for this game as well. and managed another spread sheet for my roommate when he was playing.

  • Tatsue


    3 years ago

    A look back at.....GTA 2

  • pancake6444


    3 years ago

    Ahh i remember this game... Good times

  • JoeWhiskey


    3 years ago

    Why isn't Jason commentating? I miss 'lil Vincent.

  • raea29


    3 years ago

    Make an ALBA for Sacred 2.... Fragger you would love the dungeon crawler style of the game.

  • canislupus55


    3 years ago

    So... you breed Pinatas, then sell them to be beaten to death? How brutal... Sounds legit ;)

  • JonathandaS1


    3 years ago

    soooo fail

  • Smashsoulz


    3 years ago

    Ugghhh, really regretting trading in Viva Pinata 2 after watching this. God I loved that game so much. Why did I get rid of it... ='[

  • The_Hybrid


    3 years ago

    I loved Ray's input at the end XD