• Achievement HORSE #66

    Achievement HORSE: Achievement HORSE #66

    Jack and Geoff go head to head in another rousing match. This week they take a stab at the maps that Gavin and Michael had last week. Will they do better or worse?

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Comments (77)

  • fallingskys


    2 years ago

    joel is cabosse
    and i learnd it from redvsblue episode 22 they play a game that came out yesterday

  • MrMajiggles


    3 years ago

    I guess they were tired of Gav winning so much.

  • Master_Snipe


    3 years ago

    Last one should have had the song playing in the background "Its Raining Men" Though Jack plays a Female Spartan.

  • JZPotter


    3 years ago

    Remember when Geoff used to win?

  • HaloGamming


    3 years ago

    why don,t you do Achievement HORSE on halo 3 ?

  • doom478


    3 years ago

    try and do a hourse plzzzzzzzzzz geof u rock

  • jeffgale


    3 years ago

    thumbs up if you keep getting a cougar life .com ad

  • Taylorman3


    3 years ago

    Oink oink to you as well sir! Say hello to your mother for me...and tell her to bring me some bacon too would you?

  • FndationAfro


    3 years ago

    Gavin's reign of terror is finally over, the Achievement Hunter office can finally sleep soundly.

  • Agent_Marsh


    3 years ago

    the last like 45 seconds of this video may have been the most excited I have ever heard Geoff in a video since he declared war on genitals :P