• Achievement HORSE #68

    Achievement HORSE: Achievement HORSE #68

    Jack and Geoff go at it in another stunning episode of HORSE! Play along with them! Maps are available at http://bit.ly/AHHORSE068

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Comments (64)

  • MrMajiggles


    3 years ago

    It's good to see Jack dominating Geoff again.

  • FUDGEnugget8


    3 years ago

    How do I send them an AH map that I made?It is epic.

  • smartie66775


    3 years ago

    why cant geoff win?

  • HarrisonGrah


    3 years ago

    how do I send them a game type cause I have a custom one that kicks ass

  • Edward17


    3 years ago

    I've been gone so long got some catching up to do

  • Jamesmanzi


    3 years ago

    With the file-sharing now gone from bungie.net will this be the last achievement HORSE?

  • Delbrak13


    3 years ago

    Notice there is "OFF" in the background when he wasnt sure

  • The1st_Fuzzy


    3 years ago

    If anyone wants to vs me in there horse or pig then add me. The 1st Fuzzy

  • fralfbert


    3 years ago

    Anyone remember when Geoff used to win all of these.

  • Sargedalot


    3 years ago

    I actually enjoy them playing pig, there just is something more degrading when calling someone pig vs calling them a horse. But is it just me or is Jack cutting Geoff off a bit this episode? At least in the first part every time Geoff would start to speak Jack would kind of butt in. Ah well, I guess that happens sometimes. It feels like it's been a while since Geoff's been around in both AH and RT. I'm glad to see him back again.