• Raccoon City Mascot

    Achievement Hunter: Raccoon City Mascot

    Ray and Michael show you where to find the hidden collectibles to get the Raccoon City Mascot Achievement in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

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Comments (18)

  • LucianoJimen


    3 years ago

    hows the game of resident evil opertion racoon city

  • Mikecall

    Mikecall PKMN Master

    3 years ago

    You still spoiled the identity to the sniper Ray its Leon should have turned of subtitles. Rookie Mistake :)

  • Taylorman3


    3 years ago

    No spoilers, but anyone actually watching the video could see the 'mystery' sniper's name since subtitles are on...fail

  • vlaka34


    3 years ago

    hey 15 views is better then 3

  • battledude


    3 years ago

    i wonder how michael is going to 1up this video

  • SpeedHalo41


    3 years ago

    rocky raccoon!

  • relix73


    3 years ago

    dear rooster teeth,
    you advertising is seriously fucked up
    i just saw a disney commercial, and a roman orgy ad..

  • The_Volt


    3 years ago

    The even bigger give away on who the sniper is that you can see what they are saying in the video...

  • CptRex52


    3 years ago

    Micheal gave it away. Not saying who has the sniper, but the name begins with an L.

  • FallenD


    3 years ago

    good now do a lets play and put gavin in just for the hell of it and try not to yell at him