• Weirdest Video Ever

    Achievement Hunter: Weirdest Video Ever

    Joel and Jack check out Need for Speed: The Run...or maybe they don't? I'm not sure exactly what the hell is going on in this video. Enjoy?

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Comments (172)

  • 16knicho


    2 years ago

    what t f. was that galvin

  • Kwazibantu


    3 years ago

    Most WTF?!? Moments since The Life Aquatic

  • Mikecall

    Mikecall PKMN Master

    3 years ago

    I miss these

  • Skyrimplayer


    3 years ago

    These things with Joel doing a commentary on the games are hilarious. This and the Kinectamals were so funny that they'd easily keep the community laughing until RvB season 10. Hurrah for Joel!

  • Bulk


    3 years ago

    Joel's Video Game Mash Up.
    Should so be a series, sooo funny. This and Kinectimals are two of the funniest Original Vds I've seen in ages.

  • Rime


    3 years ago

    "I went out and bought the game..."

  • MrNapkin00


    3 years ago

    actually jillian, i didn't get through it, and i'm not proud of myself, i am going to go take a nap and try to figure out what the hell just happened

  • machete404


    3 years ago

    New Achievement Hunter series. It shall be called Vids with Joel!

  • dsil88


    3 years ago

    Ever since the Halo CE videos with Joel, I have needed more Joel AH videos.

    Keep 'em coming!

  • searent


    3 years ago

    I got to show my dad this.